Salary and Benefits Minutes October 4, 2013

Salary and Benefits Subcommittee

October 4, 2013, 8:30  9:30 am, 2264 KC

Attendance: Julie Amon, Whitney Marsh, Ron Perkins, David Smith, Jennifer Schick, Andrea Westdorp, Quincy Williams, Susan Proctor, Linda Yuhas.

Old Business -

  • Will be inviting Dwight Hamilton to speak on Affirmative Action next calendar year.

New Business

  • There was discussion about the new format for listing GVSU employee wages. It is now listed only according to titles. This is due to a change in the State regulations concerning this. Employees can still request a copy with names form the library. What is definitely positive about this change is that employee names and wages arent easily available to anyone in the community via the internet.
  • Linda Yuhas will be presenting Compensation 101 along with Jon Jellema and Joe Godwin from 12-1pm on October 17 in 1142 KC and February 19, 2014 in the University Club Room.
  • Dave Smith will be speaking with our committee on MUCH (higher ed health care group) data November, 1 in CHS 340.
  • Lindsey DesArmo will be the guest speaker for our December 6 meeting in Allendale. Lindsey will be updating us on Healthy Choices as well as the role of Health and Wellness Ambassadors.


  • Dave Smith gave a very informative presentation about the health insurance changes for 2014. Open enrollment begins October 22, 2013 and ends November 6, 2013. You will receive a confirmation statement at the end of on-line enrollment. For the High Deductible/HSA plan, GVSUs contribution to the HSA will be $140 for single employees and $260 for family plans, bringing us more in line with the 80/20 pay responsibilities. Those still opting for the Standard PPO plan, rates went down slightly and Priority HMO, rates went up a little. Those wishing to view all the changes and see a comparison chart are encouraged to visit the HR website.
  • Dave will be explaining the new Health Care Blue Book application (health care cost comparison tool) next year when it is available to employees. Eyemed rates will not change until 2017. Dave encouraged all of us to view the HSA as a long term health savings plan. If those dollars are spent on qualified health expenses there is no tax on the dollars in that account.
  • This website on the Human Resources webpage is a great resource.
  • Linda encourages staff members to contact her with concerns. She is willing to meet with staff members individually.

Next Meeting

  • Friday, November 1, 8:30am-10:30am, 340 CHS
  • Friday, December 6, 8:30am-10:30am, 279 LMH

Minutes respectfully submitted by:

Ron Perkins.

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