Professional Development Minutes September 10, 2013

The AP Professional Development Subcommittee met on September 10th, 2013 at 8:30 am on the Allendale campus. Chair, Kate VanDerKolk welcomed members and opened the meeting. Members in attendance included:

  • Amy Campbell (group 1)
  • Takeelia Garrett-Lynn (group 2)
  • Luke DeMott (group 3)
  • Audra Courtade (group 4)
  • Brad Gordon (group 5)
  • Kate VanDerKolk (group 6)
  • Maggie McCrystal (HR)

Follow up from Kate on questions to Jim:

  • No current communication changes between committee members and groups.
  • IT communication list suggestion  Jim is interested but needs to speak with HR first.

We discussed that the group members should send an e-mail to introduce themselves to their groups. Maggie also asked for additional help in promoting the upcoming excellence series program, Making the Transition from Staff to Supervisor.

The Getting to Know Your GVSU Better program was discussed; confirmed groups are as follows:

  • Padnos (Takeelia)
  • SBTDC (Kate)
  • Charter Schools (Audra)
  • Facilities Planning (Takeelia)

Groups still to confirm are WGVU (Brad) and Sustainability (Kate/Brad).

Audra will send the meeting minutes to Mike Kluczyk and he will get them onto the AP website, also cc: Jim.

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 8th at 8:30am in Kirkhof 2243.

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