AP Committee Minutes October 21, 2013

Present: Jim Seufert (Chair), Valerie Jones, Mike Kluczyk, Kristin Linscott, Elizabeth Lienau, Sienna Mavima, Scott Richardson, John Rosick, Jennifer Schick, Josh Stickney

Absent: Kaleb Klotz, Jamie Schlagel, Kim Walton

  1. Approval of 8/19/13 meeting minutes, review agenda

  1. Officer and subcommittee reports

  1. Report from the chair: Jim attended a meeting of the University Academic Senates committee on bullying to make the case that the development of a pro-civility / anti-bullying policy should include representatives from AP staff, COT staff, and students, in addition to faculty. Scott reiterated the availability of conflict mediation resources on the HR homepage (Managing Workplace Conflict).
  2. Salary & Benefits Liaison: Jennifer reminded us that open enrollment runs from October 22nd through November 6th and that all employees should verify and update their information, and that elections for flex spending and health savings accounts must be re-made every year. Furthermore, Priority Health will replace both UMR and Cofinity as our third party administrator and our provider network, respectively. Information regarding open enrollment can be found near the top left corner of the Health and Wellness homepage (2014 Open Enrollment and New Hire Information).
  3. Awards Liaison: Valerie reported that at the September meeting, the decision was made to extend the nominating period for awards to November 1st through March 14th, and that there was discussion of creating a new award for Customer Service to the University. The Awards Committee and the AP Luncheon Committee were scheduled to meet together on Oct 21st.
  4. Professional Development Liaison: Sienna reported that at their last meeting, the committee discussed evaluations of the seminars that have been held thus far. One presenter has received hit-and-miss reviews. It was noted that it is difficult for staff to look up professional development opportunities on the GVSU website; e.g. typing professional development into the GVSU websites search window primarily brings information about PD opportunities offered by GVSU for those outside the university, but not for university employees. (One must know to search specifically for excellence series). The committee is finalizing the list of speakers for the upcoming Know Your GVSU event.
  5. AP Luncheon: Mike reported that the AP Luncheon had not yet met, but was scheduled to meet, together with the Awards Committee, on Oct. 21st.
  6. AP Forum: Jim reported that the committee had not yet met, but would be considering feedback from the AP survey regarding the forum when planning this (academic) years event.
  7. Webmaster: Mike reported that the AP website remains up to date.
  8. Communications: It was suggested that we look into developing an email letterhead for AP Committee communications to AP staff. Elizabeth will look into it and report back at the next meeting.
  9. Public Safety Liaison: Jennifer reported that, to the best of her knowledge, this committee has not met this academic year.

  1. Speaker: Rhonda LubbertsInstitutional Marketing

  1. This fall marks the commencement of a new marketing campaign: Find The Brand Within. The homepage for this campaign is at gvsu.edu/find and includes a television ad.
  2. Institutional marketing conducts an image study every three to five years. Potential students as well as members of the general public are surveyed, primarily in west Michigan and in the metro Detroit area. Results of the study show that there is still a sizeable gap between awareness of GVSU in west MI vs. the metro Detroit area, where we are still relatively unknown.
  3. Institutional Marketing will be sending out informational packets to all employees summarizing facts and talking points about GVSU. The same information is available at www.gvsu.edu/identity/marketing-messages-5.htm.
  4. While marketing research is always contracted out to a third party to ensure objectivity, the new campaign was developed entirely in-house for the first time.

  1. AP Survey Results

  1. Valerie compiled the Survey Monkey data into more reader-friendly formats. Survey data pertinent to the AP Awards and the AP Forum will be forwarded to those committees. Data from questions concerning the AP Committee in general will be digested, distilled, and presented by Jennifer and Josh. Conclusions drawn from the data, and suggested actions to be taken will be presented in a Power Point slide show that will be made available on the AP website. The target date for this presentation is by the November AP Committee meeting.

  1. Adjourn. Next meeting: Monday November 25th, 2:30, KC 2201, News and InformationMary Eileen Lyon speaking at 3:00.

Minutes submittedJosh Stickney

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