AP Committee Minutes January 28, 2013

AP Committee

Minutes - January 28, 2013


Present: Michelle McCloud (Chair), , Jamie Schlagel, Jennifer Schick, Jim Seufert, Dell Paielli (for Michelle DeWitt), Mike Kluczyk, Nicholas Nelson, Jackie Rautio, Kim Walton, Quincy Williams

Absent: Ed Simon, Valerie Jones, Scott Richardson (ex-officio)

  1. Speaker Presentation (2:30pm): Dwight Hamilton, AVP for Affirmative Action
  • Affirmative action: Targeted proactive approach to addressing historical patterns of underrepresentation based on race, sex and ethnicity.


  • Quotas are illegal.
    • Targeting when you are advertising is okay.


  • For Michigan - post Proposal 2 preferential part of affirmative action is stricken (employment, college admissions, scholarships cannot be administered based on preference).


  • Proposal 2 overruled by 6th Circuit Court
  • Attorney general also appealed to US Supreme Court.
  • Other ways to diversify student population, not based on race, could be based on geographic location, first generation, income base.
  • Michigan private competitors and state colleges in surrounding states are not subject to proposal 2 and can be more flexible in how to consider race/give scholarships


  • Dwight deals with affirmative action related to employment have to follow federal guidelines because we are a federal contractor (over $50,000). Keep in mind that race is self-disclosed and this information is only seen by Dwight.


  • He performs as utilization analysis (looking at applicant vs. hire vs. promotion vs. termination rates
  • He looks at the hiring process: job opening; recruitment plan (where are you posting); interviewees are selected (compare against posted requirement and reasons for non-selection); selection justification
  • Goal is to cast out a wide net. May need to recast the net. May need to select others for the interviews. In this way, Dwight wears two hats compliance and global inclusion.


  • If you are a witness to harassing behavior can report to Dwight and you and the other person would be protected against retaliation.
    • Also Bias Incident Training.




  1. Approval of Minutes from 12/17/12 Approved.


  1. Subcommittee Updates
    • Salary and Benefits ­No update.
    • Professional Development No update.
    • Awards No update.


  1. Event Updates
    • AP Open Forum Committee Report
      • Quincy is working with HR. They will work to coordinate with executive officers. Still planning on May 8th.
      • Format will be similar to last year.
      • Website question box is now open.
    • AP Luncheon Committee Report
      • Theme: Growing GVSU James Moyer


  1. Questions/Concerns from AP Staff Members (if any)
    • Adjunct faculty (who are considered Aps) adjuncting 18 years without seeing an increase in salary and discrepancy in adjunct pay across all divisions


  1. Other Business
    • Elections in April which members of your group who would like to serve?
    • Reminder to send link to the AP website showing group members where the minutes are.


  1. Next Meeting: Monday, February 18th 2:30 KC 2201 Guest Speaker: James Moyer

Minutes Submitted: Jennifer Schick

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