AP Committee Minutes August 20, 2012

AP Committee


August 20, 2012

Present: Michelle McCloud (Chair), Ed Simon, Jackie Rautio, Jamie Schlagel, Jennifer Schick, Jim Seufert, Kim Walton, Michelle DeWitt, Mike Kluczyk, Nicholas Nelson, Valerie Jones, Scott Richardson (ex-officio)

Absent: Quincy Williams

  1. Approval of Agenda Approved
  2. Elect Co-Chair & Secretary
    • Co-Chair/Next Years Chair  to be selected at September meeting
    • Secretary  Jennifer Schick
    • Webmaster  Mike Kluczyk

  1. Assign liaisons to sub-committees
    • Awards  Nick Nelson
    • Professional Development  Ed Simon
    • Salary and Benefits  Jackie Rautio

  1. Review Guest Speaker List
    • Need to provide guests with topics for discussion
      • For Jeanne Arnolds group: MLK Day Celebration (first year with no class in session), Inclusion Advocacy program, pending U of M court decision, Seans new training program
      • Topics for other guests to be discussed prior to their meeting.

  • Fill in dates with no speaker
    • Suggestions include: Jim Bachmeier, Michael Walenta, Karen Loth, Representative from Library re: Knowledge Market, Jodi Chycinski, Representative from Fieldhouse

  1. Discuss Communication Plan
    • Initial Communication Email to go to all AP staff in September (who we are, what we have done, save the dates, etc.). Michelle M. will draft.
    • Welcome Email to New AP by Group Representatives (perhaps forward on Initial Communication email if arrive throughout the year). Consider personal introduction as well.

  • Michelle M. will collect the minutes each month & circulate to AP committee with highlights & link to website. Responsibility of two Group Representatives to circulate to their group with highlights.

  • Michelle M. will forward listing of group representatives at the beginning of the year, along with notifications of additions/deletions throughout the year. Each group representative will create their own email list.

  1. Create AP Luncheon Committee Michelle D., Jamie, Jackie, Mike
  2. Review event dates
    • AP Luncheon April 25th 2013 11:45-1:00 Grand River Room

  • AP Open Forum May 1st 11:30-1 KC 2204 (Pere Marquette)  Valerie/maybe Quincy to coordinate

  1. New Business
    • No benefit changes for 2013.
    • Salary and Benefits Subcommittee meeting is having a Comp 101 at their next session. Michelle M. will contact Scott W. (chair) about our interest in sitting in on that session (optional).
    • Excellence Series schedule for the Fall has been distributed; Leadership IQ website is also available
    • Consider reactivating the suggestion page on the AP Committee website for questions from AP staff throughout the year and for accumulating questions for the AP Open Forum in the spring. Nick will make Michelle M. an admin on the page so she is able to review prior suggestions.

  1. Old Business None
  2. Questions/Concerns from AP Staff Members (if any)
    • Adjunct AP  temporary status  positions not filled/approved for budget purposes but paid for out of department funding. Some are long-term employees; some do the same job as permanent Aps. Distinction can lead to low morale for adjunct AP, particularly when it comes to not being invited to AP Luncheon, etc. Scott will provide information on how many adjunct AP staff there are/how long they have served so the committee can consider further.

  1. Next Meeting: September 17, 2012 DEV 302E
    • Guest Speaker  Jeanne Arnold or Representative speaking at 2:30

Minutes Submitted: Jennifer Schick

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