AP Committee Minutes April 15, 2013

AP Committee

Minutes - April 15, 2013

v Present: Michelle McCloud (Chair), Jamie Schlagel, Jennifer Schick, Valerie Jones, Scott Richardson (ex-officio), Jackie Rautio, Jim Seufert

v Absent: Nicholas Nelson, Ed Simon, Michelle DeWitt, Mike Kluczyk, Kim Walton, Quincy Williams

  • Presentation (1:00pm)  Jim Bachmeier, V.P. Finance and Administration
    • VP Bachmeier made a detailed presentation to those present and highlighted the following:
      • State funding for GVSU is very low.
      • GVSU tuition is below average  we are a deal
      • Our overall expenditures are low  we are efficient.
      • We have outgrown our facilities and need to continue to add space.
      • Our performance metrics meet and exceed goals.

  • Event Updates
    • AP Luncheon (April 25th) What a great event and turnout. Thanks to the planning committee!
    • AP Open Forum (May 8th, 11:30, KC2204)  Committee Report  seeking questions. Committee members to submit potential questions and notify groups those questions can be submitted via the website or to the representatives.
    • Elections  Nominations April 29 to May 10 and Voting May 13 to May 17  please let your group members of open committee spots.

  • Subcommittee Updates
    • Salary and Benefits  no update.
    • Professional Development  seeking suggestions for upcoming programs.
    • Awards  selections have been made.

  • Approval of Minutes from 3/18/13. Approved.
  • Questions/Concerns from AP Staff Members None.
  • Next meeting Monday, May 20th, 2:30-4:00, DEV302E. Guest Speaker: Matt McLogan.

Minutes Submitted: Jennifer Schick

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