Internship opportunities; Apply by December 14th

December 10, 2018

Internship opportunities; Apply by December 14th

Consulting Ethnography with Faculty Facilities Planning Advisory Committee (FFPAC)

What is a Consulting Ethnography internship?
The GVSU Anthropology Department’s Consulting Ethnography internship program gives
student interns the opportunity to work as consultants to groups and committees across
campus. Unlike many internships, where interns are little more than paper pushers, the GVSU
ethnography internship directly puts your anthropology training to use, as you design and carry
out qualitative research that will be used to inform operations here at GVSU. Moreover, as a
member of the Consulting Ethnography team, you will have the opportunity for important
professionalization experiences, including the possibilities of presenting at GVSU’s Student
Scholars Day and attending national academic conferences.


Street Outreach Intern with Community Action House

What will this internship entail?
Community Action House (CAH) is a non-profit organization
that provides individuals and families in the Holland area with food, clothing, shelter, and support to
achieve a stable, prosperous life. CAH has a number of established programs, including a community
kitchen, education classes, a community garden, and a resale store, among others. While an intern
might work in any of these areas, the primary focus of the internship will be CAH’s Street Outreach.
This will entail directly working with homeless populations in a number of possible ways, including
needs assessment, program evaluation, and resources guidance. This internship requires the ability to
think strategically, problem-solve proactively, and be flexible, as one’s day to day duties might vary
widely. Because of the times of street outreach programming, an intern MUST be available midday
(10:30-2:00) at least two days a week.

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