Summer Classes

April 13, 2018

Summer Classes

ANT 204
Peoples and Cultures of the World examines the great diversity of human cultures around the globe. From small-­scale foraging to globalization and warfare, ANT 204 focuses on the cultural dimensions of being human: how we create meaning and identities, how we form groups and organizations, how we define progress, how we construct and experience inequalities, and how we foster social change.

ANT 206 - Human Origins

Examines the dynamic interplay between human biology and culture through the study of human evolution. Grounded in the mechanisms of evolution, the class examines the emergence of our species and our relationship to nonhuman primates, among other topics. Fulfills Foundation -Life Sciences.

ANT 207 - Language and Culture

Explores the interaction between language, communication, and culture, employing cross-cultural analysis to reveal cultural models and to understand how linguistic variation is linked to gender, age, region, ethnicity, and class. Several practical activities are used to apply analyses to anthropological problems. Fulfills Foundation- Social Science and U.S. Diversity.

ANT 340 - Culture and Environment

Compares different adaptive strategies of cultures from around the world and seeks understanding of ethical and social values different groups have related to the environment. Attention is focused on how humans relied on cultural mechanisms in the past to adapt and change their physical and natural environment. Fulfills Cultures - World Perspectives. Part of the Sustainability Issue.

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