Featured Team Member of the Month - August 2018

Cody Rash, Project Assistant


Describe your role at aMDI.

My role at aMDI consists of assisting in project testing, research and development and making sure that the lab can run smoothly. I have helped run and develop new tests for our projects as well as gather data from the tests. I also work with my team members to make sure that aMDI has everything we need in order to be successful on each and every project. I have been working at aMDI since October 2016 and just recently got my new position after I graduated in April.


What made you want to join aMDI?

I wanted to join aMDI because I was always interested in the medical device industry. It was, and is such a fascinating area of work/ study and it is growing very rapidly as well. It is fascinating to see what the next big thing will be and how it can help so many people. As a Biomedical Sciences graduate I love learning how our bodies function. Integrating my studies into the development of a medical device that is also viable for human use is very engaging and allows for a new way of thinking and creativity. I am proud that aMDI plays such big role in making the lives of others better with our medical devices being developed.

Education & career trajectory before aMDI:

In college I studied biomedical sciences and was planning to be an orthopaedic surgeon my freshmen year, then I changed my emphasis to Pre-Physician Assistant Studies. I continued on with a BMS degree and received my Bachelor’s in April of this year.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I plan on having a master’s degree in order to either practice medicine as a PA or to continue research in the medical industry. Either way, I want a career that can help people that are in need.

How has aMDI prepared you for your future goals?

aMDI has provided me a wider variety of skills from project management to biomedical knowledge and even some engineering-based skills. I have learned a lot from my time spent at aMDI. Overall, I have gained more insight into the medical industry as a whole. I know that the skills and knowledge gained from aMDI will allow me to better myself in every way.

Favorite non-work-related memory at aMDI:

I really enjoyed our last holiday party where everyone brought in a dish of their own and we exchanged white elephant gifts. I received spicy pickle mix as a gift.

Marvel or DC?

Marvel, because I like the movies better than the DC movies.


How would your colleagues at aMDI describe you?

He has big biceps.



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