Before Classes Begin

Ordering Your Books

Ordering Your Books

Here, you can find:

Financial Aid

Financial Aid

You can visit the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships page to find general financial aid and scholarship info. and to find information that will help you understand your financial aid package.

We also highly encourage you to check the Adult Services Financial Aid page for adult / nontraditional specific student scholarships, a video that explains how to fill out a FAFSA, company deferment info., and how to get tax credits for education.

Paying Your Bill

Options to Pay Your Bill

In addition to the Financial Aid and Scholarships mentioned above, many companies offer tuition assistance. Talk with your employer to see if you qualify for any educational benefits. GVSU offers a special financing program for students who qualify for their employer's tuition reimbursement program that allows the amount of tuition and fees paid for by the employer to be deferred until the end of the semester. More information, including the application and requirements, can be found on the Student Accounts Company Deferment Plan page.  If this is something you're interested in and choose to pursue, here are instructions for how to set up your Deferment Plan and payment due dates.

The Student Accounts page also has much more information regarding payments, forms of payment, deadlines / class cancellations, refunds, tuition rates, & more.

Logging into Banner

Banner Resources

You'll find a video library showing you how to do everything from register for a course, to find your academic advisor, to request your transcript.

How to view your registration information in Banner

  1. Click on the student tab
  2. Click on registration
  3. Click on student registration self service
  4. Click on view registration information

Meet Your Advising Team

Meeting Your Advising Team


Our Advisors are here for you from start to finish and want to see you succeed. All you have to do is start the conversation. Whether meeting virtually or on the phone, they will:

  • Explore degree options
  • Review your transcripts from all schools (If you've taken classes other than at GVSU, please bring an unofficial copy to your first appointment)
  • Discuss services and supports available to you at GVSU
  • Assist with the admissions and financial aid process
  • Give you a personalized education plan letting you know what you would have left to complete

Our advisors are here for you every step of the way as you navigate Grand Valley, explore career options and plan for graduation.  Please click the button below to schedule your phone or virtual appointment.