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Operations Management, B.B.A.

The Bachelor of Business Administration in operations management focuses on improving the performance of manufacturing and service organizations. Graduates have a solid foundation for managing areas related to forecasting demand, inventory management, process design, quality control, strategic capacity planning, and more.

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This program requires a secondary admission process.

Program Overview

The operations management major provides a career path in manufacturing and service organizations. Strong industry partnerships, experiential learning through real-world projects, case studies, network and consulting, and the possibility of obtaining APICS certification are some of the reasons why one should take this major.

There is secondary admission to this program.

Why Study Operations Management at Grand Valley?

  • Courses are taught by faculty members who consult on real-world business issues and are experts in all areas of operations management.
  • Current technology is integrated into courses by use of the Internet, e-commerce, and enterprise resource planning.
  • Internships and mentorship programs are available so students can earn money while gaining valuable business experience.
  • Network with major corporations to gain access to internships and jobs.
  • The program is backed by a strong advisory board representing senior executives of major corporations in the region.

Career Insights

This tool shows an overview of potential career opportunities for this major. Actual salaries, employment opportunities, and job titles may change over time.

Location & Format

All undergraduate students begin their academic career on the Allendale Campus. Students in this major continue their upper division studies downtown on the Robert C. Pew Grand Rapids Campus.

  • Face To Face


Majors can choose from a variety of courses, including:

  • Computers in Operations Management
  • Manufacturing Planning and Control
  • Operations Strategy
  • Service Operations
  • Strategic Management of Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Total Quality Management and Lean Six-Sigma

Combined Degree Programs

Many GVSU undergraduate programs can be combined with an existing master’s degree program to save on tuition and get you into the workforce sooner. On average, you can save $8,500 by pursuing a combined degree and take up to four fewer courses than if earning the degrees separately.

Talk with an advisor about how you can build your combined degree from existing programs to further personalize your education and create your own niche area of expertise.

Admission Requirements

Seidman's Early Access Program

Each year, the Seidman College of Business allows early access into the business college to a select few individuals as first-year students. This honor is reserved for students who have received a 3.500 or higher high school GPA.


Seidman Success Standards

For students not part of Seidman’s Early Access program, the Seidman College of Business permits access to upper-level (300-400) business courses after meeting the following Seidman Success Standards:
1. Have earned at least 55 semester hours (junior status)
2. Established a 2.500 or higher overall GPA; and
3. Completed the following courses with a 2.500 or higher combined GPA: ACC 212, BUS 201, ECO 210, ECO 211, MGT 268, STA 215

For More Information

Seidman College of Business
50 Front Avenue SW
(616) 331-7500

Admissions and Recruitment Office


“I strongly encourage students to explore operations management as a major and APICS (Association for Operations Management) as a means to network and gain critical industry experience.”