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Minors in Statistics

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data. Statistics is a scientific discipline through which researchers learn to make informed decisions in the face of uncertainty.

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Program Overview

Through statistics, you will gain an appreciation for the integrity of data, the uncertainty of measurements, and the strengths and limitations of science. This background prepares you to explore widely throughout your professional life and to be a creative and productive citizen regardless of your chosen career.

Applied Statistics

Applied statistics minor is seven courses, 21 minimum credits. Required:

  • STA 215 - Introductory Applied Statistics OR STA 216 - Intermediate Applied Statistics
  • STA 216 - Intermediate Applied Statistics

An additional five courses, 15 credits complete the minor. Three of these must be from a list of statistics courses, see catalog for details. Two should be from the Applications Cognates course list.

Data Science

Data science minor is seven courses, 21 minimum credits. Required:

  • STA 216 - Intermediate Applied Statistics OR STA 318 - Statistical Computing
  • STA 321 - Applied Regression Analysis
  • STA 426 - Multivariate Data Analysis
  • CIS 162 - Computer Science I OR CIS 161 - Computational Science
  • CIS 335 - Data Mining
  • CIS 360 - Information Management and Science

One additional three-credit course is required, and must provide an appropriate application of data science or deepen knowledge in either statistics or computer science.

Mathematical Statistics

The minor in mathematical statistics is a calculus-based program focusing heavily on mathematical theory of statistics. The minor consists of six courses, minimum 22 credits. Required:

  • MTH 201 - Calculus I
  • MTH 202 - Calculus II
  • STA 216 - Intermediate Applied Statistics
  • STA 312 - Probability and Statistics
  • STA 412 - Mathematical Statistics I

One additional statistics course from a select list is required to complete the minor. Consult with faculty for completion.

Why Study Statistics at Grand Valley?

  • Personal attention by our faculty in all of your courses.
  • An opportunity to work collaboratively with our faculty on a variety of research initiatives.
  • Widespread application of statistical methods and hands-on experience with analyzing real-life data.
  • Access to an extensive list of undergraduate courses where you can learn about the branches of statistical methodology.
  • A nearly 100-percent placement rate into work or graduate school.

Location & Format

Undergraduate students in this minor study at Grand Valley's Allendale Campus.

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For More Information

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