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GVSU students working on a group project in the PAC lounge. Photo taken pre-COVID.

Integrative Studies, B.A., B.S.

Integrative studies majors are passionate doers and critical thinkers. No one course of study is the same. Our faculty will help you create a one-of-a-kind experience that provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to find innovative solutions to real-world, complex problems and become a leader in your profession, community, and the world.

Liberal Studies Alumni Working in 27+ Occupations
Interdisciplinary Degree - Individualized Course of Study
Strengthens Valuable Intercultural and Interpersonal Skills

Program Overview

Students work closely with more than 20 full-time, nationally-award winning faculty members to chart their unique path toward a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

Why Choose Integrative Studies at Grand Valley?

Program Details