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English, Minors in

Students who minor in English immerse themselves in and respond to excellent, thought-provoking, life-changing literary texts and explore the inner workings and worldwide impact of the English language. There are four tracks to the minor:

Applied Linguistics; ESL Teaching; Literature; and Secondary Education Teachable Minor.

Applied Linguistics

The Applied Linguistics minor (21 credits) is designed for students who are interested in pursuing the study of language. Students with a minor in Applied Linguistics are well-prepared to teach English internationally as well as to work in such settings as adult literacy, refugee services, nonprofit/NGO services, and electronic and print publishing.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Teachable Minor

The ESL track of the Applied Linguistics minor (18 credits + COE practicum) is designed for students seeking elementary or secondary teacher certification. This track prepares students for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in ESL to qualify for ESL endorsement. Students seeking elementary certification should pursue the PCKET major.


The Literature minor (21 credits) is designed for students to become acquainted with powerful literature and to sharpen their skills as thinkers, readers, writers, and communicators. This minor prepares students for a host of professions in which critical thinking and clear communication are essential.

Secondary Education Teachable Minor in English

The Secondary Education Teachable minor (24 credits) in English provides all the benefits of the Literature track minor while preparing students to teach English at the middle or high school level. This track prepares students for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification in Secondary English.

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