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2023-2024 Undergraduate & Graduate Catalog

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Combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Health Science in Biomedical Sciences

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Qualified undergraduates may be admitted to an accelerated bachelor's/master's program and obtain both a B.S. and an M.H.S. in biomedical sciences within an accelerated time frame. Up to 12 credits of graduate work may be used in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the undergraduate degree (in alignment with university policy, a maximum of 12 credit hours of graduate work will count toward both the graduate and undergraduate degrees). If students earn at least a grade of B in each of these classes, they are granted advanced standing in the master's program. All other master's degree requirements must be met, including research and a thesis. After completing 120 credits and all requirements for the bachelor's degree, students are awarded a bachelor's degree.

Application Procedure

Students typically apply directly to the Department of Biomedical Sciences graduate program director for the combined B.S./M.H.S. program during the first semester of their third academic year. Separate application to the graduate school may be required. Complete applications will be reviewed by the graduate committee and be acknowledged within four weeks.

Application requirements include:

  • 75 hours of academic credit completed or in progress
  • GPA of 3.25 or greater
  • Completion of BMS 208, BMS 290 and BMS 212 with a grade of B or better
  • Grade of C+ or better in all other science courses (e.g., BIO 120, CHM 115, CHM 116, CHM 241, CHM 242, STA 215)
  • One letter of recommendation from a potential research mentor
  • One additional letter of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  • Letter of intent

Requirements During Undergraduate Studies

All university requirements, including general education courses, must be completed before the final (graduate) year of the combined B.S./M.H.S. program. In the final undergraduate year, students will take 12 to 15 credits of graduate-level courses. If any courses are dual-listed, students in the combined B.S./M.H.S. program must complete all assignments expected of graduate students and they will be evaluated in the same way as graduate students.

  • Students will earn 12 graduate credits during their undergraduate program.
  • A student shall be considered a graduate student for all purposes upon fulfillment of one of the following events: the award of a baccalaureate degree, the completion of 12 graduate credit hours or at the request of the graduate program director with the approval of the academic dean.

Requirements During Graduate Studies

After successful completion of their undergraduate program, students will be eligible to take the second year of the M.H.S. curriculum. At this point, students will be treated as graduate students for purposes of tuition and fees, financial aid, etc. Students must complete all requirements for M.H.S. research concentration.

Graduation Without Completion of the Program

If a student decides at some point to pursue only the undergraduate portion of the combined degree, the Department of Biomedical Sciences will still recognize the graduate courses taken in lieu of undergraduate courses. Credit from the undergraduate degree cannot be used toward a graduate degree at a later date.

Biomedical Sciences Program Description

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