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Applied Linguistics Minor

Applied Linguistics (AL) is an interdisciplinary field that investigates and offers solutions to language-related problems in the world. The AL minor has 2 tracks: General and English as Second Language (ESL).

Face To Face 21 Allendale
Applied Linguistics, M.A.

Applied Linguistics is an ever-expanding and interdisciplinary field using foundational knowledge of human language to engage real world concerns. The field explores language teaching and learning; language assessment; second language literacy development; cross-cultural communication; and language acquisition, as well as empirical research in any of the above subfields of applied linguistics.

Face To Face 36 Grand Rapids
English, B.A.

The study of literature and language enriches and broadens students' lives while preparing them for careers that demand a high level of skill in reading, thinking, and writing.

Face To Face 120 Allendale
English, M.A.

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in English offers students and professionals an opportunity to deepen literary knowledge, sharpen critical skills, and strengthen expository writing.

Face To Face 33
English, Minors in

Students who minor in English immerse themselves in and respond to excellent, thought-provoking, life-changing literary texts and explore the inner workings and worldwide impact of the English language. There are four tracks to the minor:

Applied Linguistics; ESL Teaching; Literature; and Secondary Education Teachable Minor.

Face To Face 21 -24 Allendale