Photo Gallery

Haitian Artists (2015) (3 Photos)

A collaboration with Rays of Hope, Haitian artists were presented in celebration of Haiti

Donald Kinsey (2015) (3 Photos)

Area Studies and African/African American Studies welcomed Donald Kinsey, a child prodigy blues guitarist.  Kinsey presented a lecture entitled, "From the Church to the Wailers: Donald Kinsey and the Movement of Black Music ."  

African Diaspora Conversation Series (6 Photos)

AAAS Graduation Celebration (2013) (8 Photos)

AAAS Year-End Program to see Alvin Ailey Dancers, Detroit Opera House (2013) (6 Photos)

AAAS students and participants traveled to the Detroit Opera House to see the Alvin Ailey Dancers at the end of the year.

Freshman Academy Outstanding Professors of the Year (2013) (1 Photos)

Dr. Rik Stevenson and Dr. Gordon Alderink received the Freshman Academy Outstanding Professor of the Year award for 2013 (voted by the Freshman Academy students).

AAAS Trip to see "Jitney," Court Theater, University of Chicago (Fall 2012) (2 Photos)

AAAS Student Mentors and Baxter Community Center Mzizi Maji Tutorial students attend a production of August Wilson's, Jitney, at Court Theater, University of Chicago (Fall 2012).

AAAS Year-End Program to see Fela!, Oriental Theater, Chicago (2012) (1 Photos)

In 2012, Faculty and students traveled to Chicago's Oriental Theater to see Fela!

Dr. James Perkinson - Feb 24, 2011 (1 Photos)

"Do-It Yourself Innovation in the Ruins of De-Industrialization - Anticipating Our Common Future in the Mirror of Detroit" Detroit has begun to develop a multi-faceted "Do-It-Yourself" spirit that is re-inventing the city from the ground up, beyond the input of either big government or big corporations. This is epitomized by community urban gardening initiatives that have developed as part of a visionary concern about "food security" in the city, alternative media projects and enterprises led by youth employing their tech-savvy skills energized by hip-hop vitality, and community artists creatively re-deploying "refuse" and abandoned buildings and infrastructure as art and education. This talk discussed the political, cultural, and spiritual significance of these developments.

Ghana - 2011 - Veta Tucker (3 Photos)

Photos of Elmina Castle in Elmina, Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast.