Memberships to the Grand Valley State University Athletic and Recreation Facilities are available to all students who are registered for one or more credits, faculty or staff of GVSU, as well as qualified alumni and their immediate families.  Benefits of membership to our facilities include: Use of the Recreation Center (all 3 levels), access to the Fieldhouse Aquatic Center during open swim times, the racquetball courts, outdoor courts (basketball and tennis), use of the Kelly Family Sports Center during open track/turf times, and access to our vast array of available rental items.  We welcome anyone and everyone to become a part of our Laker Athletic and Recreation Facilities family!  

Membership Rates

GVSU Student

Student access is FREE with a valid GVSU Student ID.

GVSU Faculty/Staff

GVSU Faculty/Staff access is FREE with a valid GVSU Faculty/Staff ID.  

Spouse and/or dependents of benefit-eligible GVSU Faculty and Staff may receive a Recreation Center card for $20/year per person. Cards can be renewed for $20.00/year per person so long as the benefit eligible Faculty/Staff member they are listed under is still actively employed by GVSU.

Non-benefit eligible Faculty/Staff will still be able to purchase memberships for spouse and/or dependents at the alumni rate. 

GVSU Alumni

GVSU graduates or anyone who has earned 60 credits or more from GVSU are qualified to purchase a membership at the alumni rate. These may be purchased for the individual alumni member and/or immediate family (spouse/dependents). 

  • Alumni 1 Month = $35.00           Family = $60.00
  • Alumni 6 Month = $125.00         Family = $200.00
  • Alumni 12 Month = $225.00       Family = $350.00


Members of the community or those that have earned less than 60 earned credit hours from GVSU may purchase a community membership for themselves and/or immediate family (spouse/dependents). Community members may use the facilities during regular open hours.   

  • Community 1 Month = $85.00          Family = $160.00
  • Community 6 Month = $300.00        Family = $450.00
  • Community 12 Month = $450.00      Family = $775.00

Important Membership Information

Please read the below information regarding memberships:

  • Memberships fees are non refundable.
  • Faculty/Staff must be benefit eligible in order to qualify for the $20 per person yearly membership for their spouse and dependents.
  • Students hoping to get a student spouse discount must be taking classes during the current semester and only 1 semester can be purchased at a time. 
  • Your membership application will be processed within approximately two weeks of your purchase date.  When your membership application has been processed, a confirmation e-mail or phone call will be sent to you containing your new expiration date along directions on picking up your membership card. If new membership cards are needed for your membership they will be made available to you at the front desk of the Recreation Center. A valid photo ID must be presented at the time of pick-up to verify the membership.
  • If dependents are listed on the membership we will be asking for proof of dependency for anyone over the age of 18. To prove proof of dependency we accept a copy of a tax form section indicating them as dependents or a current full-time class registration form from an accredited school. This can either be brought to the Rec Center front desk, faxed to 616-331-3225 attention: memberships, or emailed to  Meghan Pynnonen at
  • Anyone over the age of 2 and over will receive a card.
  • Anyone 14 and up is permitted to work out alone in the Cardio Room, Free-Weight Room, and/or Selectorized Weight Room. 
  • If you have a child that is 12 or 13 years of age and you want to give them permission to use the above equipment, we have a liability form that you must complete prior to your child using this equipment.
  • Anyone under the age of 14 is not permitted to use any equipment.  Usage of the courts and pool with adult supervision ARE permitted.
  • Racquetball Courts are free with a membership before 5pm on weekdays, otherwise there is a $3.00 charge per reservation.
  • Membership does NOT include use of the climbing center (separate fee). Students however receive free entry with valid student ID.
  • Membership does NOT include free access to any GVSU Athletic events.

Membership Parking Information

Parking permits are required for vehicles that park on the GVSU Campus. Graduate, Alumni, Faculty/Staff, and Community Memberships can get a parking permit by showing their current membership card and driver’s license to the Public Safety Office. These permits will be valid for the current semester only and will need to be replaced each semester. The sole use of this permit is for non-academic field house recreational facilities use. It may not be used for any other purpose including events or academic classes. The permit is the property of the Grand Valley State University Department of Public Safety. 

Permits may not be sold, altered or copied in any way. Lost or stolen permits must be reported immediately to Public Safety. Unauthorized or improper use of this permit will result in its confiscation, and may result in criminal and university penalties. Fraudulently obtaining goods or services is a crime, punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a fine of not more than $2,000.00.

Additional Recreation Center Member Parking Information

GVSU Parking Map

Home Football Gameday Parking

Before 12pm:

LOT G will be open for everyone until 12pm for free parking.

After 12pm:

Rec center users and staff will need to park in LOTS D4-D8 or LOT H near the soccer field for free parking. There is closer paid parking in North LOT F which is $2/per hour.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

GVSU Parking Map

Membership Application

I have read the membership requirement above and all of the information I filled out on the application will be accurate.  If the Rec Center finds any falsification in the information on the application, it may lead to a withdrawal of membership privileges with no refund. Please click on the link below to start your application process. 

Begin Your Membership Application

Membership Photos

After you have submitted your membership application, we need membership photos in order to process your membership ID cards.  Photos can be taken in person at the recreation center main welcome desk or can be submitted online.  Please click on the link below to submit your membership photos online. 

Submit Membership Photos

Page last modified May 11, 2017