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Advisory Board

Kelly Parker

Dr. Kelly Parker

Program Director
Professor of Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Liberal Studies

Research areas: Environmental Philosophy, Sustainability Studies, Ecohumanities


Brian Deyo

Dr. Brian Deyo 

Assistant Professor of English

Research areas: Environmental Humanities, Ecocriticism, Animal/Animality Studies, Posthumanism


Shirley Fleischmann

Dr. Shirley Fleischmann

Professor of Engineering

Research areas: Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Energy


Sarah King

Dr. Sarah King

Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies

Research areas: Comparative religion, Environmental philosophy, Ethnography and Community-based Research, Indiginous-settler Relationships in North America, Food Justice and Sustainable Agriculture


Tara Kneeshaw

Dr. Tara Kneeshaw

Assistant Professor of Geology

Research areas: Environmental Biogeochemistry, Water Quality, Chemicals in Natural Systems


Dalila Kovacs

Dr. Dalila Kovacs

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Research areas: Exploring heterogeneous catalytic processes as alternatives for green pathways from biomass-based resources toward chemical commodities



Dr. Alexandra Locher

Associate Professor of Biology

Research areas: Forest Ecosystem Management, Wildlife-Habitat Relationships, Geographic Information Systems


Amy McFarland

Dr. Amy McFarland

Assistant Professor of Sustainable Food Systems

Research areas: Social factors influencing food system issues from pre-production to post-consumer


Azizur Molla

Dr. Azizur R. Molla

Associate Professor of Public Health

Research areas: Medical anthropology, Community Health, Environmental Health, Health Education and Promotion, and Health Communication and Advocacy, Research Methods


Laura Schneider

Dr. Laura Schneider

Associate Professor of Political Science

Research areas: Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Women and Politics



Dr. Paul Sicilian

Professor of Economics

Research areas: Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Nonprofit Sector


Lisa Sisson

Dr. Lisa Sisson

Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Research areas: Sustainable food systems, food justice, health in underserved communities


Jennifer Stewart

Dr. Jennifer Stewart

Associate Professor of Sociology

Research areas: Social Stratification, Race and Ethnicity


Kirsten Strom

Dr. Kirsten Strom

Associate Professor of Art History

Research areas: Art History, Surrealism, Art and Ethnography, Animals in Art


Janet Vail

Dr. Janet Vail

Associate Research Scientist, Annis Water Resources Institute

Research areas: Climate Change Models and  Impacts, Air Quality, Great Lakes Water Issues, Environmental Regulations, Environmental Justice