Paige Kleindl defends her thesis investigating relationship of nutrients, plants, and algae

Paige Kleindl successfully defended her master's thesis, titled "Shoreline restoration and source of nutrient enrichment impacts on macrophyte and epiphytic algal communities."

Molly Lane defends her thesis assessing qPCR method for E. coli measurement

Graduate student Molly Lane successfully defended her Master's thesis, titled "The implementation of qPCR beach monitoring methods: analysis of a multi lab validation study and the role of environmental parameters on a comparison of Colilert and qPCR".

Sarah Lamar defends her thesis investigating spread of invasive baby's breath

Graduate student Sarah Lamar has successfully defended her Master's thesis, titled "Biological invasions on a large scale: Investigating the spread of baby's breath (Gypsophila paniculata) across North America".

Alan Mock defends his thesis testing remote site fish egg incubators

Graduate student Alan Mock has successfully defended his Master's thesis, titled "Evaluating remote site incubators to support restoration of Arctic grayling in Michigan".

Katie Knapp defends her thesis measuring carbon cycling in Muskegon Lake

Graduate student Katie Knapp has successfully defended her Master's thesis titled "Dynamic Carbon Cycling in Muskegon Lake - a Great Lakes Estuary".

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