Remote site egg incubators tested for reintroducing Arctic Grayling to Michigan

Graduate student Alan Mock and Dr. Carl Ruetz are featured in this new video created by the Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative.

Raising Water Awareness through Science, Music, and Dance

Two one-hour performances of "Sub-merge" will be held on Friday, October 19 at The Block in downtown Muskegon and on Saturday, October 20 at the Haas Center for Performing Arts� Louis Armstrong Theater in GVSU�s Allendale Campus.

Hailee Leimbach-Maus defends her thesis assessing genetic diversity of invasive baby's breath populations

Hailee Leimbach-Maus has successfully defended her Master's thesis, titled "Genetic structure of invasive baby's breath populations in a Michigan dune system".

Kaitlyn Dykstra defends her thesis modeling yellow perch occupancy in wetlands

Kaitlyn Dykstra has successfully defended her Master's thesis, titled "Occupancy and detection of yellow perch in Great Lakes coastal wetlands".

Dan Myers defends his thesis investigating erosion and ecological impacts on a coldwater stream

Dan Myers has successfully defended his Master's thesis, titled "Investigating Erosion and Ecological Impacts to an Urban Coldwater Stream Using Multiple Techniques".

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