Information Services Center (ISC)

The Information Services Center (ISC) conducts, manages, and supports environmental research projects through an emphasis on Geographic Information System (GIS) data analysis, processing, collection, storage and distribution. ISC staff members use GIS to draw conclusions and recommendations about how a system is functioning, specifically at the Watershed level, and then put this information into a context that can be understood and implemented by stakeholders.

ISC projects vary considerably in magnitude and funding source. The majority of projects undertaken by ISC are derived directly from information needs as expressed by local units of government and other local sources. Our involvement goes way beyond just gathering and manipulating data. We always custom tailor our participation in these projects based not only on customer requirements, but with a liberal injection of our own expertise to create and deliver products that are transferable, dynamic, accessible, and supported by scientific principles in which they were derived.




Page last modified March 24, 2020