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Fremont Lake Watershed History

Historic Fremont, Michigan

Photograph Taken by: Jack Miller

1800s European fur trapping flourished around Fremont Lake.
1855 Daniel Weaver, the first European settler to call the area home, established the a town called "Fremont" after an American military officer and the first Republican presidential candidate John C. Fremont.
1871 A major forest fire destroyed many of the areas mills. By the 1900s much of the forest in the watershed was gone, and agriculture began to prosper.
1928 The Gerber family started the Fremont Canning Company, better known today as the Gerber Products Company, to manufacture baby food.
1980s The construction of a new waterwater plant diverted much of the point source pollution away from Fremont Lake.
1988 The Lake Weed-Away Company reported that Fremont Lakes phosphorus levels were 20 times worse than a healthy lake.
2010 The Annis Water Resources Institute through a grant from the Fremont Area Community Foundation completed the Baseline Study of Fremont Lake and it Connecting Waterways.


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