What is a Business Process?

In Workday, a business process, or “BP”, is an automated workflow that routes tasks to designated users. Common tasks include to-dos, reviews and approvals. These sets of tasks can be initiated, acted upon and completed by the appropriate user to accomplish a desired business objective for the university

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For each process, the project team determined which steps need to occur in which order and to whom each task should be assigned. There are multiple ways to navigate to kick off a business process:

  • Application
  • Search Bar
  • Worker Profile > Related Actions
  • My Task item


This is the main and first step of the business process. Generally, initiation indicates starting the process or idea that comes to our mind.


This foremost step contains either denial or permission of the business process. The required approver can approve or deny the business process.

Approval Chain

Generally, an approval chain relates to a group or series of approvals that goes from the first level person followed by higher officials and managers.


This step addresses process steps that must occur outside the Workday system that an assigned individual has to accomplish.


This step allows us to execute a report out of action in the business process.

Page last modified December 12, 2023