Payroll and Pay Slips

Workday provides you with a central location for accessing your pay slips.

The Pay application helps you to accomplish all payroll-related tasks and view your payment information. Your pay slip gives you information about your current benefits and tax withholding choices. You can select how to receive payment for each type of payment and update your direct deposit information. 

Please visit the Benefits page for additional training and resources. 

Payment Elections

You can update your banking and direct deposit elections from the pay application in Workday. Based on the timing of your update, the ​change may not be reflected until the next pay period. You can also designate a percentage or flat amount of your pay to multiple accounts

Viewing Your Pay Slip

Pay information is available online and is private and secure. Pay slips are available to view the day before the pay date. You can view and print pay slips directly from Workday. Additionally, you can view pay slips for any previous period beginning in 2024. Your pay slip is very detailed with much information including your leave balance. Moreover, you can view your pay slip using Workday’s convenient mobile app as well.​


This area will display your Federal Tax Withholding at the time payroll was processed. You can update your Federal Tax, State, and Local withholding elections in Workday at any time. Updates will be applied to your paychecks going forward. Based on the timing of your update, the change may not reflect until the next pay period.

Notifications About Pay Slip

Please be aware that you will no longer receive an email reminder that your pay slip is available. You will need to go into Workday to retrieve and review your pay slips.

Pay Slip PDF

To read your pay slip in Workday, you can either view it directly online or Workday can create a .pdf of your pay slip and deliver it to “My Reports” in Workday.  You’ll also get a notification in Workday when the document is available to print. 

Direct Deposit Change

Please note that you will no longer receive your direct deposit a day earlier than your pay date. Your direct deposit will arrive on your pay date. Review pay dates for all employee groups.

Page last modified December 18, 2023