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Italy, Scrap brass: A manufacturer is seeking 100 tons/month of scrap brass, no specific grade. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Djibouti, Plastics recycling machinery: A bottling company is seeking machinery to recycle plastic bottles: plastic crusher-shredder, single screw extruder, hydraulic compression molding press, press molding, electrical controls. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Portugal, Packaging materials: Seeking 2-seal lay flat plastic pouches with zipper, easy opening, from sustainable materials for toothbrushes. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Plastic-PVC powder: Seeking PVC powder-ONGROVILL S-5167 to produce doors and windows. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Malaysia, Industry 4.0, RPA, IDP: The Industry 4.0 Association Malaysia is seeking immediate introductions to companies in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and/or Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) industries. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Israel, RGV-rail guided vehicles: Seeking manufacturers or integrators of RGV-rail guided vehicles for turn-key material handling solution. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Mexico, Polyols and toluene diisocyanate-TDI: A polyurethane foam manufacturer serving furniture, automotive, and medical industries is seeking 200 tons/month of Polyether polyol, Polymeric polyol, and Toluene Diisocyanate-TDI- 80/20 by 4/30/21. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Mexico, Seating foam-isocyanate polyol: A vehicle seat manufacturer is seeking foam, isocyanate polyol, to manufacture bus seats. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Philippines, ICT systems, data center modernization: Philippines tax authority is seeking a U.S. firm to modernize ICT systems and data center, funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Reply by Apr. 30 to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Brazil, IT security solutions: Brazilian oil and gas company is seeking an IT security solution offering advanced encryption with multiple authentication to protect data at rest, in transit, and in use, on a confidential server. Reply by Apr. 30 to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Jordan, IT solution: Jordanian government is seeking digital payments system for comprehensive management of government collections. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Peru, IT digital signature provider: Peru Chamber of Commerce seeking to partner with software provider to offer digital signature service to businesses. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Malaysia, IT security equipment: Malaysian research facility seeking U.S. firm with Malaysian reps for physical protection system (PPS): CCTV, motion sensors, door alarms, electronic access control, alarm and video monitoring. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Uruguay, Forensic and rapid response: Uruguay government seeking forensic and rapid response incident deployment tools. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

Uruguay, Portability database: Uruguay government seeking administrator of the Number Portability Database to administer, manage, and coordinate synchronization. Reply to: [email protected]; [email protected].

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