Board of Trustees 2023-24

The Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated professionals elected by the general membership to manage the University Club's business affairs, create the annual programs and events you enjoy, and develop campus and community partnerships. They work diligently to provide a diverse series of activities for you and your families, as well as a warm and friendly environment that you'll want to engage in regularly.

President: Andy Beachnau

PRESIDENT Andy Beachnau
Asst Vice President: Student Affairs
4043 James H Zumberge Hall
(616) 331-3585
[email protected]

Vice President-Alison Christensen

VICE PRESIDENT Alison Christensen
Project Mgr: Art Gallery
Art Gallery Support Facility
(616) 331-8051
[email protected]


TREASURER Jim Rademaker
General Mgr: WGVU Public Media
820 LV Eberhard Center
(616) 331-6775
[email protected]

Trustee Lara Jaskiewicz

SECRETARY Lara Jaskiewicz
Faculty: Sch of Leadership & Development
228C Richard M DeVos Center
(616) 331-6580
[email protected]

Trustee Brenda Sain

Brenda Sain
Senior Payroll Accountant: Payroll Office
1031 James H Zumberge Hall
(616) 331-2235
[email protected]

Trustee Bob Schoofs

Bob Schoofs
Retiree Faculty: University Libraries
(616) 735-1930
[email protected]

Treasurer: Position Vacant

Retiree: Risk Management
(616) 498-3693
[email protected]

Club Administrator-Amanda Reader


PSS Geography and Sustainable Planning
(616) 516-7584
[email protected]

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