Student Stories

Megan Damico '18

Megan Damico is a first-generation college student who joined TRIO STEM her sophomore year at Grand Valley. Before joining TRIO STEM, she was never fully aware of the programs, scholarships, and opportunities available for students. Megan graduated from GVSU April 29, 2018, and was accepted into the University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Environmental Health Sciences Doctoral Program for the 2018 school year. 

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Danny Alonso '19

Danny Alonso is a first generation Mexican American student who majored in Electrical Engineering. Danny graduated from Grand Valley in 2019.  

"Now as I reflect on my academic career at GVSU, I think about all the people and things that have helped me get to this moment. For me TRIO-STEM was one of those things.". 

- Danny Alonso

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Kenny Urena-Gonzales

Kenny Urena-Gonzalez is a Pre-Physician Assistant Major. Urena-Gonzalez has had a very transformation journey here at GV through different experiences like becoming the president of the Pre-MD/PhD club, working on community health at The Other Way Ministries, and completing an ethnographic field study. 

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Darvell Reid

Darvell Reid is expected to graduate in 2021 with a major in Allied Health Science. Reid has a goal is to apply and get accepted into the physical therapy program here at Grand Valley. 

"I learned that it’s not about getting out, but it’s about getting up. Getting up when you fall, getting up and rising above the expectations of others, and getting up and becoming what you desire to be in life."

- Darvell Reid

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