Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I fill out my application?

Your application is scored according to a TRIO Eligibility and Needs Assessment.  You will then be notified via email if you are accepted or denied acceptance into the program.

If accepted, you will be contacted by our office to make your first appointment. 

If denied, do not give up hope. New applications are opened each year and you can reapply. 

How many meetings or events are required to be a participant?

First year students will have 4 advising appointments each semester. All others will have 3 appointments.

We encourage all our students to attend as many events as possible. We offer a variety of opportunities for you to be engaged through workshops and seminars. You engagement in these will allow you better chances at our "special" events including but not limited to off campus cultural events (trip to the Charles Wright African American Museum in Detroit), travel opportunities (Spring Break trip to Memphis, TN,  where they visited a graduate school, experience cultural activities and performed service learning) and attend conferences (annual MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit at various statewide locations). 

Peer Mentors will also be leading students to various campus functions such as the Career Fair, departmental workshops, and sporting events. 

Do I have to reapply each year?

No. Once you are accepted and begin to participate in our program, you will be a part of TRIO STEM until you graduate. 

Can I change my advisor?

If you would like to change your TRIO STEM advisor, just let us know. This is not a problem. We understand some people may be more comfortable or familiar with someone else. 

How do I borrow a laptop or calculator? Is there a fee?

Laptops and calculators may be loaned out from our office at NO cost to you. 

  • Laptops will need to be checked-in every two weeks and you are eligible to renew through the semester if there is not a waiting list. 
  • Calculators are checked-out for an entire semester. 
  • All items must be returned in good working condition at the end of every semester. 
  • If items are not returned or are damaged you will be responsible for the repair or replacement cost of the item and you will lose all loan privileges for one year. 

Please note: *At any time during the loan period TRIO STEM may contact you that all items must be returned to the office.

My schedule is so tight. What kind of appointments can be scheduled?

We offer in-person, virtual and phone appointments. We require at least 2 in-person appointments per semester. Your first appointment must be in-person as should your appointment after midterms

If you cannot meet at any of the days/times available on our schedule, just call our office and we can work with you. 

To schedule a phone appointment, you would schedule an appointment here then email us that you would like this appointment (give date and time) a phone appointment. You will need to give your phone number and if you will call or we will call you.

*If you are unable to come to your appointment, please be courteous and let us know so we can schedule another person and reschedule your appointment. 

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Page last modified February 1, 2023