Darvell Reid

Allied Health Science Major

As a kid, everyone wanted to get out. They wanted to get out of poverty, get out of town, and get out of their current situation, but early on I learned that getting out of the circumstance does not make your problems go away. I learned that it’s not about getting out, but it’s about getting up. Getting up when you fall, getting up and rising above the expectations of others, and getting up and becoming what you desire to be in life.

My name is Darvell Reid; I am a freshman at GVSU. My entire life my family and I have struggled, but regardless of the hardships God’s grace availed. Coming to Grand Valley was a major decision for me. I attend Bridgeport Baptist Academy for the entirety of my high school career. Months before I arrived on Grand Valley’s campus, I applied to a bible college in California. I was torn between the two schools, but after constant prayer and meditation God revealed where he wanted me. Now I’m here! My major is currently diagnostic medical sonography (Ultrasound technician). My long term goal is to apply and get accepted into the physical therapy program here at Grand Valley. As I pursue my dreams, I don’t expect the road to be easy. I’ll face academic and financial struggles along with overcoming the expectations that are predisposed upon me as a black male, but if the goal that I set out to achieve is truly worthwhile hardships will be but a mere step on my path to greatness.

Expected Graduation: 2021

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