Chemistry Success Center

Both Drop-In and Scheduled Appointment Chemistry Tutoring is available. Select what meets your needs - use either or both services!

Appointment Tutoring

  • Schedule an individual 50 minute tutoring appointment in advance.
  • You can meet once, occasionally, or every week.
  • Select the tutor you work with each visit.
  • Best for in-depth review of course material.
  • To learn more about appointment tutoring or schedule a session, click the button below.

Chemistry Success Center Drop-In Tutoring

  • Visit any time center is open - click button below to view schedule details.
  • No appointment needed.
  • Time spent with tutor depends on demand.
  • Help is provided first-come, first-served basis, so there may be a brief wait.
  • Click the button below to access the online Chemistry Success Center.  GVSU login is required.

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Sarah Clark

Chemistry Success Center Director

(616) 331-2072

[email protected]

Department of Chemistry

(616) 331-3317

[email protected]

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