Grievance Process Pool

The Grievance Process Pool is an active pool of trained faculty and staff who serve in an as-needed basis in the roles of co-investigator, hearing panelist, and/or advisor for investigations at the university. Individuals within this pool may play more than one role on different cases, such as serving as a co-investigator on one case and an advisor to a party on another case. Regardless of role, pool members will receive a $200 stipend upon completion of a case. The Director/Title IX Coordinator may also identify qualified external individuals or consultants to provide support alongside pool members.

Co-Investigators serve as fact-finders in an investigation by interviewing the different parties to a case. Investigators must compile and organize the information received during an investigation in a case file for creation of a preliminary report.

Hearing Panelists serve as support for the Hearing Chair at case hearings. Each panel consists of at least two trained panelists. The panel reviews the investigative report, evidence gathered throughout the investigation, and attends the scheduled hearing. During the hearing, panelists will listen to verbal testimony of witnesses and parties to a case and participate in direct examination and cross examination between the parties.

Case/Hearing Advisors serve as a support to students, faculty, and/or staff who are parties to a case. Advisors accompany participants to meetings, interviews, and their case hearing as needed.

Why join?

The roles of co-investigator, hearing panelist, and/or advisor for parties in a case are unique and critically important to ensuring all parties' rights are upheld. Pool members are trained to understand and apply policies, processes, and procedures in alignment with Title IX federal regulations, state laws, and university policies. The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX serves to investigate and resolve student, faculty, and staff allegations of misconduct, and pool members develop invaluable professional tools by participating in the process.

Am I the right fit?

Colleagues from any background, employee class, or area of the university are encouraged to join the Grievance Process Pool. No prior knowledge of university policy or state and federal law is required. Members of the pool must be able to apply strong critical thinking, objective decision-making, and professional neutrality skills in a variety of roles and situations. All members of the pool must act impartially at all times in the best interest of a fair, just process. You will receive training prior to serving on a case, and members of the Civil Rights and Title IX Office are available to consult and answer any questions you may have about a particular case.

What will I need to do?

Members of the Grievance Process Pool serve as impartial trained investigators and decision-makers for cases internal to the university. You may help investigate the facts of a case, advise participants on either side of the process, or join a decision-making panel for a case's hearing. The time commitment of each case varies according to your role and the situation, but it's typically 8-15 hours total spread across multiple months. You must complete a two-hour introductory training course before serving on a case.

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Before you agree to actually serve on a case, remember to ask your supervisor to complete this release form:

Training Opportunities

The next Grievance Process Pool training takes place on Thursday, May 2, from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Zumberge Hall Room 3000 on the Allendale Campus. Complete the form above to sign up for the Grievance Process Pool in time to attend this training and begin serving cases!

Grievance Process Pool Members


Frist Name Last Name Title Department Email
Susan Mendoza Director Center for Undergraduate Scholar Engagement / Office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarship
Renee Malkowski Conduct Resolution Facilitator Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Mike Stoll Senior Academic Advisor, KCON Office of Student Services KCON Student Services
Kaylee Wolff Victim Advocate Center for Women & Gender Equity
Katie Perschbacher Student CARE and Outreach Case Manager Dean of Students - JM
Katie Scheuerle Social Work Continuing Education Coordinator CECI School of Social Work
Kathleen Bailey Professor CECI Criminology, Criminal Justice, & Legal Studies
Kate Harmon Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Well-Being, and Inclusion Division of Student Affairs
Joey Hulst Center Assistant, Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center Center for Women & Gender Equity
Jessica Jennrich Assistant Vice President, Office of Student Support and Belonging Enrollment Development and Educational Outreach
Jamie Guzior HR Generalist Human Resources
Hypatia Swanson Paralegal Office of General Counsel
Gabriel Pena Director of TRIO SSS Classic Federal TRIO Programs
Emily Bemben Assistant Professor Kirkhof College of Nursing
Emily First Assistant Dean of Students Engagement and Dean of Students
Elizabeth Vendal Office Assistant Dean of Students Office
DL McKinney Director, Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center; Interim Director, Center for Women and Gender Equity Social Justice Centers / Office of Multicultural Affairs
Destyni Davis Living Center Director Housing and Residence Life
Chris Grooms Manager of Strategic Support Team and Complaint Liaison Strategic Business Partners
Anna Obi Graduate Student Assistant Division of Inclusion and Equity
Allison Metz Associate Professor Theatre for Social Change & Theatre Education CLAS Music, Theatre, and Dance


Please contact the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX with questions. The office is located in James H. Zumberge Hall Room 4015 on the Allendale Campus. You may also call (616) 331- 9530 or email [email protected].

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