The following technology is currently on display in the showcase.  In addition, if you are a current GVSU student, staff, or faculty member, we offer a technology lending opportunity if you are interested in using the technology for a class assignment or educational project.  As a faculty member, you may also qualify for a FTLC grant to help support an innovative technology project. What problem are you trying to solve? Let us know how we can help!

NEW! Snap Spectacles

Snapchat’s Spectacles are camera equipped sunglasses perfect for any occasion. 

  • Hands Free Photography
    Record videos with this wearable camera that save directly to your Snapchat memories
  • 115 Degree Filming 
    The wide angle for filming allows you to capture more of your surroundings with a camera angle that mimics our natural eyesight
  • Social Media 
    Share with your friends your unique perspective on what is happening around you
  • 7 Things about Snap Spectacles

Learn more at Snap

NEW! HP Sprocket

  • Mobile Photo Printer
    Take a Picture and Print a 2x3 Photo from your Smartphone
  • ZINK Printing
    No Ink Cartridges Required
  • 7 Things about HP Sprocket

Learn more at HP


Aurora was inspired by the beauty of the Aurora Borealis and features modularity, color changing display and animation, and voice control.

  • Influence Your Mood
    Change the ambient color in your room to help influence your mood and happiness
  • Unleash Your Creativity
    Create personalized designs and scenes
  • Flexible and Convenient Control
    Mobile control of scenes
  • 7 Things about Aurora Tiles

Learn more at Nanoleaf


  • Digital “Scent” Speaker
    Playback scent messages
  • Aroma Therapy
    Scent is an important part of wellness, productivity, and inspiration
  • Scent-based Creation
    Create a personal scent space
  • 7 Things about Cyrano

Learn more at oNotes

HTC Vive

  • Fully Immersive Virtual Reality
    Immersive VR experience allows you to walk around freely and explore everything. Stunning graphics make the experience feel so real and surreal simultaneously
  • Haptic Feedback
    HD haptic feedback and intuitive gestures mean playing games and interacting with the virtual world comes naturally
  • Motion Tracking
    360 motion tracking via base station technology that helps the headset and controllers track their exact location in space. Freely explore and interact with the virtual world. Room-scale VR puts you at the center of everything
  • 7 Things about HTC Vive

Learn more at HTC Vive

Microsoft HoloLens

  • Mixed reality headset includes augmented and virtual reality elements
  • Untethered, holographic computer
  • Explore holograms along side of the "real world"
  • Interact with holograms with gestures
  • Communicate with apps via voice
  • 7 Things about Microsoft HoloLens

More information via Microsoft HoloLens


  • Modular Electronics
    Make robots and electronic devices with magnetic modular components
  • Creative Combinations|
    Create unique designs and capabilities through a variety of combinations (lesson plans and recipes available on web site)
  • Lego Compatibility
    Customize robots with Lego attachments
  • Branch out with Bluetooth
    Advanced control of Cubelets using a mobile device with Bluetooth
  • 7 Things about Cubelets

Learn more at Modular Robotics

Double Robotics

Ricoh Theta S - 360 Degree Camera


  • 360 Degree Lens
    Two dual fish eye lenses. Leave no blind spots anywhere in the atmosphere the camera is placed for real time stitching of the photos to create a live panorama shot
  • Live HD Streaming
    Share and connect with friends in real time HD. Also compatible with youtube 3D viewing
  • App Enabled
    All from the connectivity of your iPhone. You can control the rotating camera lens, record videos and capture images without ever needing your hands on the device
  • Wireless
    With a strong battery life you can take it on the go hands free and capture your surroundings

Learn more at

Amazon Echo

  • Voice Enabled Web Connected Speaker
    Hands-free and always on speaker with smart assistant
  • Alexa
    Cloud-based voice service and intelligent agent
  • IoT
    Supports the Internet of Things through smart home controls
  • Far-field Voice Recognition
    With 7 microphones, Alexa Voice Service responds from across the room
  • 7 Things about Amazon Echo

Learn more at

Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

  • Supports printing with PLA, ABS, CBE    
  • Layer resolution from 600 to 20 micron  
  • Build volume of 223x223x205 mm
  • 7 Things about 3D Printing

Learn more at


“ People are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from the handles of the bathroom” – Dr. Cain, WSJ

  • How it Works
    UV-C Lamps inside the PHONESOAP produce a special wavelength of light that allows the light to go through the cell wall of the bacteria or viruses and damage their DNA, so they will die off and not cause infections.
  • Effectiveness
    The UV lights cleans your phone in 4 minutes and the blue light on the front will turn off when it your phone is clean
  • Built-in Charging
    With built-in charging you can clean and charge at the same time!
  • 7 Things about Phonesoap

Sphero 2.0

  • App-Enabled Ball
    This waterproof sphere can play golf, run over zombies, or jump a ramp all from the control on your smartphone or tablet
  • Customizable
    Change colors, earn tricks and complete challenges on the Sphero app
  • Learn with Sphero
    With the SPRK app you can take lessons and learn the basics of programming. The more you play, the smarter you get!
  • 7 Things about Sphero


  • Learn Programming
    Learn basic programming using a tiny robot.
  • Gaming
    Experience the world of gamification through physical and digital games.
  • Portable
    The worlds smallest robot that combines digital and physical components to create new gaming experiences
  • Learn Valuable Skills
    While playing with these tiny robots you can also gain life skills of programming through creative play
  • Confidence Builder
    Allows a student to use their imagination to explore coding concepts using sequential and visual programming to gain computational thinking
  • Application or DIY Based
    Use Ozobot Bit to control the movement of the robot or play racing, arcade, or puzzle games on a tablet or your own surface
  • 7 Things about Ozobots

sprout by HP

  • Revolutionary All-in-One Computer with Touch Screen and Projected Work Surface
  • Intuitive and Natural Work
    All-in-one computer with touch screen and a projected work surface\

  • Learn how to Play the Piano
    Learn how to play the piano or be a DJ with Pianotime or Crayola DJ apps. These are just a few of the applications that you can find on the Sprout Marketplace

  • Add a New Dimension to 3D
    3D scan an object, design it, and then print it on a 3D printer

  • 7 Things about HP Sprout





Play Beyond the Screen with 4 Apps

  • Masterpiece
    After placing a piece of paper in front of the iPad, choose an image that you want to draw and start making your own masterpiece
  • Words
    Play solo or with a friend and be the first one to spell out the on-screen hidden work by using the real-life letters
  • Tangram
    Arrange puzzle pieces so that they match the image show on the screen
  • Newton
    After you place a piece of paper in front of the iPad, use your creativity to invent objects to guide the falling balls into target zone
  • 7 Things about Osmo


  • Clutter Free Wireless Charging
    Charge your Smartphone without the Wires
  • Qi Integrated
    Supports the Qi Standard without need for Adapters or Chargers
  • Magnetic Field
    A Magnetic Field transfers Power to a Receiver (Embedded in Devices or within an Adapter)

Google Glass

Leap Motion

Lellan DigitalCanvas

Learn more at


  • Introduction to Circuits
    Fun and Interactive way to Learn the Basics of Circuit Construction  
  • Millions of Combinations
    Diverse Connectable Parts allows for a Variety of Designs
  • Design your own Inventions
    Combine with Crafts for Endless Possibilities
  • Learn from Others
    Community Projects and Shareable Inventions 


  • Personal Cameraman
    Robot Automatically Follows with 360° Pan and 20° Tilt
  • Presentation Capture
    Capture Lectures, Presentations, Meetings, and Demonstrations
  • Video Projects
    Use for Flipped Classroom, Distance Learning, or Student Projects
  • 7 Things about Swivl

Epic Mobile Projection Keyboard

  • Laser Projected Keyboard
    Device Emits and Detects Infrared Light to Track Keystrokes
  • Portable
    A Keyboard for your Pocket
  • Adaptable
    Use with nearly all Computing Devices
  • Wireless
    Bluetooth provides Wireless Keyboard Operation

POWERUP Paper Airplane

  • Powered Paper Airplane
    Power Paper Airplanes with Propeller and Rudder
  • Smartphone Control
    Mobile Control of Flight via Bluetooth
  • Create Your Own
    Build Homemade Airplanes
  • Basics of Aerodynamics
    Learn about Flight with Experimentation and Fun!

SMART Board 8070i Interactive Flat Panel

  • Interactive Flat Panel
  • Select, Write, Draw, and Erase with Digital Ink
  • Open, Close, and Interact with Applications via Touch

Google Cardboard

  • Mobile Virtual Reality
    Use your Smartphone for a Virtual Reality Experience
  • Gesture Controls
    Control your Experience through Movements, not Buttons
  • Create Your Own
    Do-It-Yourself Guides are available Online for Free

Seek Thermal

  • See the Unseen
    Mobile thermal sensor
  • Mobile Thermal Imaging
    Convert your mobile device into a thermal imaging camera to get heat readings from anywhere and anything

  • Safety
    See people or animals in the dark by their heat signature

  • DIY
    Use seek to see a clogged drain, how much heat escapes around doors and windows, and other home improvement projects

Brown Innovations SonicBeam SB-47

  • Directional Speaker
    Creates a tightly focused beam of sound

Aurasma - Augmented Reality

  • Live Real-world Objects with Computer-generated Overlay
    Using a Camera on a Mobile Device, Real-world Objects are Augmented by Computer-generated Information
  • Metadata for Real-life Objects
    Enhances the current Perception of Reality with Information and Media
  • Interactive
    Optical Sensors, Accelerometers, GPS, Gyroscopes, and Wireless Sensors provide Interactivity

Thalmic Myo

  • Wearable and Hands Free
    Comfortable armband allows for hands free electronic control

  • Gesture Computing
    Link Myo to a computer or mobile device and control applications with a flick of the wrist

  • EMG Sensor Technology
    Myo sensors read muscle movement in the forearm

Structure Sensor

  • Measure Entire Rooms with Ease
    Capture dimensions of rooms in a fast, accurate, user-friendly way

  • Recreate 3D Shapes
    Scan geometry in real-time and apply real world physics to 3D models
  • Interact with 3D Models
    Play games that integrate real world objects with virtual objects – merging reality and imagination


More technology to come to the showcase soon!

Have an idea for an innovative technology to showcase? Contact us and share your suggestions!

Technology Previously Showcased

The following technology has been highlighted in the showcase.

GeLo Beacons

  • Precise Mobile Positioning Technology
  • Proximity Detection
  • Integrates with Mobile Apps
  • Automatically Triggered Actions
  • Bluetooth LE

More Information via

Microsoft Lync

  • Instant Messaging and Presence Detection
  • Virtual Meetings including Video and Audio
  • Live HD Video and Desktop Sharing
  • Real-time Internet Communication


  • Web camera based intelligent sensor
  • Real-time audience data such as gender, age, and attention time
  • Trigger events based on audience to connect online and offline worlds

More information via

Laser Spirograph

  • 2013 Art Prize Entry – “Persistence Too”
    Artist Joe Simon from Wyoming, MI
  • Hands-on Laser Spirograph
    Create an Array of Visual Patterns
  • Mirrors, Lasers, and Motors
    Adjust the Controls to Change Motors and Mirrors
  • GR Makers – Grand Rapids Makerspace
    Display by GR Makers, an Open Community Lab incorporating Elements of a Machine Shop, a Workshop, and a Design Studio.

Vizidef Giant Smartphone

Coin Mining

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange designed around securely exchanging information, which is a process made possible by principles of cryptography.  Mining refers to running cryptocurrency software on a computer to be a part of the banking system.

  • First in the World Scrypt ASIC
    Scrypt is the name of the encryption algorithm.  ASIC is an application-specific integrated circuit
  • Coins Mined by the Devices
    Anoncoin (ANC),  Digitalcoin (DGC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Lottocoin (LOT), Litecoin (LTC)
  • Supercomputer
    Crypto coin mining is made up of distributed networks which surpasses the largest supercomputers


MakerBot Digitizer

  • Desktop 3D Scanner
  • Scan Objects to Create 3D Models
  • Create a Digital Copy of an Object


  • Engaging Video Calls
    Easily change your point of view during a video conference call
  • Education, Health Care, Business
    Use Kubi for distance learning, remote working, telehealth, customer service and more
  • Telepresence Robot
    Take full control over what you are looking at during a video conference call
  • 300° pan and 90° tilt capabilities
    Kubi can pan and tile at wide angles to increase field of view
  • Software
    Free Kubi Video software can be used with third-party video services such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, Blue Jeans, etc.

More information available at:


  • Interactive 3D
    Move, Scale, Animate 3D models in virtual space
  • Active 3D Glasses
    Glasses are tracked via infrared sensors to give the best 3D viewing experience
  • Virtual Tours
    Take a virtual tour around 3D modeled buildings to get a first person experience without actually being there
  • 3D Modeling
    Use CAD software to model in a 3D environment to get a more immersive design experience

MakerBot Replicator 2 and 2x - 3D Printers

Learn more about 3D Printing at GVSU by visiting the Makerspace page.


  • oNotes
    Send “scent” messages
  • oSnap
    App that allows you to take a picture, tag it with a scent, and send it
  • oMedia
    Books, songs, and films with smell
  • oPhone
    Receive your scent message and “play” it back to smell

Learn more at


  • Smart Projector
    Projector fits any Light Socket
  • Flexible Projection
    Place your Projection on Walls, Tables, Ceilings, etc.
  • Light Included
    Use Beam for Projection… or for just a Light!

Learn more at Beam Labs Inc

Equil Smartpen

  • Paper to Digital
    Convert all of your hand written notes to digital copies with ease
  • Works with All Devices
    Download the free apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OSX
  • Share Easily with Friends
    Easily send copies of notes to your friends

Puzzlebox Orbit

  • Mind Controlled
    Brain-controlled helicopter
    EEG Headset
    Mind control using brainwaves by focused concentration
  • Brain-Computer Interface
    Realtime tracking of brainwaves communicate over Bluetooth to operate helicopter

Iris Pen

  • Portable Scanner
    Text reader that scans printed text or numbers and will automatically be retyped in your computer
  • Highlighting Text-books to a New Level
    Makes it easier to transfer your highlighted notes to any application with one scan
  • Lighter and Faster
    New optical lens makes it much faster scanning and light weight makes it very portable


  • 3D Printing Pen
    Create and Doodle with Plastic in 3D  
  • Portable
    Compact 3D Printing to take with you Anywhere
  • Adaptable
    Freehand 3D Design to create Objects and Designs 

Oculus Rift

  • Virtual Reality
    Use a computer, game system, or phone in virtual reality  
  • Create your Own
    Use the Oculus API to make your own games or apps
  • Positional Tracking
    Track head movement with a camera to increase realism


  • Bluetooth controlled with Dash App
    Drive it through obstacles, race the Sphero, or even put it in auto mode and let it wander on its own!
  • Easy Snap Attachments
    Purchase special attachments to add to the Dash to give it more functionality. 
  • Block Programming
    Program your Dash with the App using block programming to have it follow your every command. Bring coding to life!
  • Explore Coding and Robotics
    Curriculum resources are available for classrooms.

Learn more at Make Wonder

adonit Jot

  • A Touchscreen Pen 
    Styluses make it easier to use your touchscreen when fine detail is important
  • Draw on Mobile Devices
    Use the stylus for more accuracy and precision, pressure sensitivity, and fluid workflow
  • Note-taking Made Easier
    Using a stylus, hand written notes on iPads and mobile devices is faster and easier

Spectre Hologram Projector

  • Smartphone Holograms
    Playback holograms, right from your mobile phone!

Learn more at Spectre

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