Forms and Agreements

This webpage provides forms and agreements for printing or download, as well as information about when and how inventors should use these documents.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA):

MTA is a contract governing the transfer of a tangible material from a provider to a recipient. Examples of tangible materials are plant or microbial cultures, monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, nucleotides, proteins and chemicals. It is important to have a MTA in place before materials are sent to a recipient or accepted from a provider. The purpose of an MTA is to avoid misunderstanding between the parties and to protect the interests of both parties.

Download an Inbound MTA Questionnaire

Download an Outbound MTA Questionnaire

Data Use Agreements (DUA)

A Data Use Agreement is a written contract used to govern the transfer of research data between organizations. These agreements can be set up between academic institutions, government agencies and/or corporate entities. DUAs address important issues such as data ownership, limitations on use of the data, publication, privacy rights that are associated with transfers of confidential or protected data, and the proper disposal of the data once the project is complete.

Download an Inbound DUA  Questionnaire

Download an  Outbound DUA  Questionnaire


Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement (CDA):
A Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement provides a free exchange of confidential information during meetings while ensuring the control over the public disclosure of the information. Click here to request for a CDA


Service Agreement
The Service Agreement is designed to provide cost effective services for small contracts that will not, within the contractual agreement, generate intellectual property that belongs to GVSU. The data that is generated from the service agreement will belong to the contracting organization.

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