External Funding

Through the GVSU Technology Commercialization Office, there is opportunity for GVSU-based inventions to apply for funding through the following:

Advance Grant

Advance Grant

The Advance Grant is a Proof of Concept Fund dedicated to early-stage development activities to determine the most actionable market application of the technology. The award must be applied to determine a key commercialization milestone. 



Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Michigan Transitional Research and Commercialization Grant


The goal of the MTRAC program is to translate research from public universities in the State of Michigan into the commercial market by way of license or company start-up. The funding is provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan Strategic Fund, and is focused on technology in the Life Sciences, Transportation, Advanced Applied Materials, AgBio, and Advanced Computing Technologies. The funding is dedicated to later stage commercialization activities that will support increasing the value of the intellectual property asset.  

  • Funding ranges from $100K-$250K with all budgets requiring a 10% cost share from the University 

Advanced Transportation

Advanced Materials

Life Sciences




Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Michigan Transitional Research and Commercialization Grant Kickstarter

MTRAC Kickstart or Starter Grant (Life Sciences and AgBio only)

Proposals must address a discreet milestone that is critical to the advancement of the research to the point of commercial feasibility. Reaching the milestone will increase the commercialization potential of the research such that it can be considered a strong candidate for further translational research funding, i.e. MTRAC. A pre-submission application is required before submitting a full proposal.


Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Business Accelerator Fund (BAF)

The Business Accelerator Fund is available to Michigan- based small businesses for delivery of specialized services to advance the company’s commercialization. Submission of proposals is through the regional SmartZone in which the company resides.

  • BAF funds are awarded by the SmartZones through a competitive review process.
  • Maximum funding is $50,000, however most awards range from $7,000-$15,000.  No match is required.

More information for the Michigan Business Accelerator Fun (BAF)




Michigan Economic Development Corporation

For more information about alternative grants, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.

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