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  1. Guatemala: Occupational Therapy

    Latin America » Guatemala » Faculty-led Zacapa, Guatemala  This program gives graduate occupational therapy students the opportunity to have an international and inter-professional fieldwork experience in Guatemala.

  2. Haiti: Water, Environmental Issues, and Service Learning (2020 Program)

    The Caribbean » Haiti » Faculty-led Deschapelles, Haiti - This unique program will allow students from all disciplines to contribute their energy and ideas to solve real world problems in Haiti. It will create a collaborative environment so that different majors can contribute their unique perspectives and skills. Service learning placements will be tailored to the interests of the participants.

  3. Ireland: Social Work

    Europe » Ireland » Faculty-led Dublin and Galway, Ireland - The journey begins in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. You will experience a brief taste of the city and visit sites like St. Stephens Green, Grafton Street, Dublin Castle, Christ Church, and Trinity College. The second part of the trip will take you to the west coast port community of Galway, home of the University of Ireland, Galway (UIG).

  4. Israel: Anthropology (2019 Program)

    The Middle East » Israel » Faculty-led On this program, students will gain hands-on archaeological experience at the site Tell es-Safi/Gath. Located approximately halfway between Jerusalem and Ashkelon, Tell es-Safi/Gath is one of the largest biblical sites in Israel and has been settled continuously from the 5th millennium BCE until modern times.

  5. Italy: Hospitality and Tourism Management (2019)

    Europe » Italy » Faculty-led PLEASE NOTE: The program will not run in 2018. Check back for 2019 program information. THE ALPS, PIEDMONT, ITALIAN RIVIERA, AND TUSCANY, ITALY  Italy is a country that stretches from Alpine Peaks to within 100 miles of Northern Africa. A long-standing and popular destination for tourists, Italy is a vital and energizing laboratory for the study of geotourism and the complex interactions between food and culture.

  6. Japan: Japanese Theater & Language (2019)

    Asia » Japan » Faculty-led Tokyo, and Osaka , Japan  This unique program provides students at multiple language levels the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. The trip begins with three weeks in Tokyo, the nation's capital and cosmopolitan center, continuing with three weeks in Osaka, Japan's second largest city and center of the historically and culturally important Kansai region.

  7. Namibia: African History, Cultures and the Environment

    Africa » Namibia » Faculty-led Windhoek, Namibia  The country of Namibia boasts a well maintained infrastructure serving a large tourism industry catering to predominantly European and German markets. But what makes Namibia attractive is its wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems, ranging from woodlands and African savanna to true deserts with the worlds tallest sand dunes.

  8. Netherlands: Cultural Geographies and Landscape Planning

    Europe » Netherlands » Faculty-led This trip will examine many different cultural landscapes and how they overlap with the physical landscapes in which they are located. Students will participate field trip observations of many different locations throughout the trip.

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