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Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers (ESSCA) is one of the leading state accredited business schools in France offering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It's main campus is located in Angers, France; however, it also has campuses in Paris, Shanghai and Budapest. ESSCA Budapest is situated in the heart of the city of Budapest, close to the metro, tramway, buses, shopping, restaurants, and cafes. ESSCA occupies a floor in a building near to Corvinus University of Budapest. While the ESSCA program in Budapest is relatively small and intimate, students are close to a larger campus community and students from other campuses. The ESSCA program consists of degree-seeking ESSCA students, many of whom are French, and exchange students from all over the world. ESSCA Budapest offers courses in the fall and spring (GV's winter) semesters, as well as a summer program. Students can take courses in cross-cultural management, business in Hungary, Central and East European economics and politics, Hungarian language and culture, consumer behavior, principles of auditing, and information systems in finance. See the ESSCA website for updated offerings.

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ESSCA Exchange Student Website

Program Overview

ESSCA offers a summer program for both graduate students or undergraduate students in their 4th year. The summer program offers features that are different from the semester exchange. Students interested in the summer program should scroll to the bottom of this page for summer details.



Budapest is considered the administrative, business, and cultural center of Hungary. It is a beautiful city set along the Danube River and stands out for its broad avenues, leafy parks, and a blend of architectural styles. Budapest is a historically rich city hosting numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and amazing hot spring baths. ESSCA is located on the Pest side of the river in the midst of the lively city centre.

Cultural Information

When studying abroad, it is important to learn about the culture of your host country.

For information on music, food, language, news & more, view Cultural Information




2017-2018 Estimated Budget (semester)

2017 Estimated Budget (Summer)

How will I pay for this?

Financial Aid FAQ's

The cost of any study abroad program depends to a large extent on the participant's personal spending habits and lifestyle.

PIC Partnership Grant  is available for this program.

Any student studying abroad for a semester is automatically considered for the Study Abroad Semester Grand, for the grant guidelines, click here

Visa Information

US citizens studying in Hungary for more than 90 days can apply for a visa through the Hungarian Consulate. Students can find detailed information regarding the application process in our student visa guide. Please note that the appropriate consulate or embassy must be consulted for the most up-to-date visa information.




Housing and Meals

ESSCA provides information to international students to assist them in finding appropriate living accommodations. Students often stay in a local hostel during the first week while they conduct an apartment search. Students will find comfortable and affordable apartments in the center of the city, within walking distance from ESSCA. Most students finalize their housing selection within the first day or two after arrival. Additional information is available in the ESSCA Budapest Practical Guide.

Program Dates

ESSCA-Budapest offers academic tracks for Undergraduate and Graduate students.

Fall: August - December, 16 weeks

Winter (ESSCA's Spring): January - May, 15 -18 weeks, depending on the program

Academic Year:  not available

Summer: June - July




All courses are conducted in English.

Courses available to GVSU exchange students at ESSCA in Budapest

Undergraduate program ESSCA Budapest Semester (Fall and Spring)

Graduate program ESSCA Budapest Semester (Fall and Spring)

NOTE: Students cannot mix courses offered at the undergraduate level and the graduate level. Students will select one of these programs and select courses only from that program. Students in their final year (4th year) of undergraduate study at GVSU may be eligible to apply for the graduate level courses (subject to approval by ESSCA).

How will the courses I take at ESSCA transfer back to my GVSU Transcript?

If the course you wish to take at ESSCA appears on the "Existing Course Equivalencies" list, you do not need to secure approval for that course. The courses on this list have already been approved by the academic department.

Pre-approved Courses Equivalencies

Note: ESSCA uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). In general, 2 ECTS credits is equivalent to 1 US credit.

ESSCA Application Process

Step 1 - Students must apply and be accepted into the GVSU OASIS application system.

Step 2 - The Padnos International Center will provide all applicants with application instructions after the OASIS priority deadline.

Step 3 - Students must complete all required application materials for ESSCA.

Step 4 - Students receive admission into the program and are provided with additional pre-arrival instructions.




Summer Program Information

ESSCA Budapest Summer Program offers students two options. This program is open to graduate students or undergraduate students in their 4th year.

Option 1 Courses: Humanistic Management and Leadership, and Economic and Business Opportunities between Europe and Asia

Option 2 Courses: International Marketing and Logistics, and Self Development (Personal and Role Development)

Dates: June - July (typically 4 weeks)

Cost:  2017 Estimated Summer Budget

Graduate Program Brochure: ESSCA Budapest Summer Programme (undergraduate students in their 4th year may also apply for this program).

Travel Information

Students will fly into Budapest. From the airport, you can take either a bus or a taxi into the city center where ESSCA is located. 

ESSCA has detailed information on their website.

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