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Both academic year and summer study abroad programs with Arcadia offer you the opportunity to explore Greek life and culture beyond Athens. Many Courses include excursion to sites of historical and cultural importance. The unique "Greek Key" immersion course was designed to aid students in the cross-cultural learning process and involves students in Greek community life. The new "Myths and Monuments" summer program combines study in Athens, Rome, and Sicily (with emphasis on ancient Greek culture).

Program focus:

  • Classical Greek culture, art, and archaeology
  • Ancient Greek language and culture
  • Modern Greek language and culture

Best suited for: 

  • Any student with particular interest in modern Greek culture, politics, and cultural immersion as well as ancient history and culture (broadly defined)

Special considerations:

  • Offers both Greek and Latin at all levels, as well as comprehensive course offerings in Greek history and philosophy; special coursework in Byzantine and Modern Greek culture

Myths and Monuments summer program:

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