FH Joanneum Application and Acceptance Timeline


Winter Semester

Apply to study abroad in OASIS (GVSU application system)

Deadline for COMPLETED Application: SEPT 10

PIC sends Host University application instructions to student

1-2 weeks after Sept. 10 deadline

Student returns host application materials to PIC (all but online application)

Late September

Student attends required PIC pre-departure orientation

Select one session to attend from September to November

FH Joanneum emails student a link to the online application materials and housing registration

Late October

FH Joanneum sends email notification of acceptance to student. Once students receive acceptance, they can purchase their flight.


Student applies for student visa.

IMPORTANT: students must visit the Austrian consulate in-person for a visa interview in New York. The only alternative is to visit Chicago on their Consular days at the honorary consulate in Chicago.


Tuition payment due to GVSU (see regular tuition payment deadline schedule)


Travel to Austria

Early February

Return to US

Late June

 FH Joanneum sends transcript to GVSU