Cultural Info: Tanzania

Did You Know...

Tanzania is made up of 130 unique tribes. Tribes are culturally distinguished by unique masks, hand-woven baskets, batiks, poetry, items carved out of ebony or rosewood, etc.

Mpingo trees, the costliest timber in the world, is found in Tanzania. The Mpingo tree is known as the music tree of Africa because the wood has been since ancient times to craft traditional musical instruments. 

Freddie Mercury, the frontman and vocalist for the iconic band Queen, was born in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Mercury was also a Zoroastrian, the pre-Islamic religion in Iran. 

Hip hop music is very popular, especially Bongo Flava. Bongo Flava fuses international elements such as reggae, afrobeat, blues, rasta and dancehall with local musical traditions like taarab and dansi.

The Tanzanian flag symbolizes 4 themes of Tanzanian life. Green represents nature’s beauty, yellow symbolizes the mineral deposits of the country, black symbolizes the people, while blue symbolizes the great lakes.

25% of Tanzania's land is dedicated to wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. This land ranks among the highest in the world, combined, it is larger than Germany.

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After reading all of these facts, you still have questions and want to hear from a former study abroad student what they experienced in Tanzania? Check out this video of the faculty-led program in Tanzania!

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