Cultural Info: Taiwan

Did You Know...

Karaoke is known to be the most popular activity in Taiwan. Karaoke is so popular that clubs offer private rooms, music videos where people can karaoke for hours. Many families even have their own karaoke system in their own homes.

Taiwan is located along the Ring of Fire, which makes Taiwan one of the most earthquake-prone places in the world. Taiwan experiences over 1,000 detectable earthquakes a year and over 17,000 un detectable quakes.

7-Eleven is loved in Taiwan. There are more 7-Eleven stores per person than in any other country in the world. In Taiwan 7-Elevens offer dry-cleaning, money and printing services. 

Women serve in over 50% of the work force and 33% of legislature in Taiwan. This rate is significantly higher than neighboring Japan, South Korea and even the United States. 


The Prunus mei, or plum blossom, is Taiwan's national flower. The Prunus mei flowers in the winter and symbolizes Taiwanese perseverance and courage.

Family is the most important unit of society in Taiwan. Children are taught to respect their parents and their primary duty is to honor their family. It is normal for extended families live together.

Hear From A Student

After reading all of these facts, you still have questions and want to hear from a former study abroad student what they experienced in Taiwan? Check out this video of our partnership university, National Taiwan Normal University!

Page last modified January 24, 2020