Cultural Info: Japan

Did You Know...

The Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area is home of more than 33 million people, which makes it the largest populated metropolitan area on the globe.

Mount Fuji (or Fujiyama) is the tallest mountain in Japan (12,388 ft). Mt Fuji is considered sacred, and more than one million people visit and climb it in the months of July and August.

In Japanese culture, it is not only appropriate but also encouraged to slurp loudly when eating noodles, because it indicates to the chef that the dish is good.

Japan, a country-archipelagos with more than 6,800 islands, because of its geographical location in the 'far east', was once believed to be the first country to see the sun rise in the morning. For this reason, the country's name in Japanese is 'Nihon' or 'Nippon', which means 'Land of the Rising Sun'.

The generally acknowledged world's first novel, The Tale Of Genji, was written by a Japanese noblewoman, Murasaki Shikibu, in the early 11th century. The novel is considered to be the first, modern psychological novel, and nowadays it is considered a classic.

At midnight of New Year's Eve, or Oshogatsu, all the Buddhist temples around Japan ring their bells 108 times. This number is not a casualty --- it is believed to drive away the 108 evil desires within each human. Even Japanese radio broadcast this event, called Joya no Kane.

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