COVID-19 Vaccine & Travel

The Padnos International Center anticipates that as the vaccine becomes more widely available around the world, more airlines, countries, study abroad providers, and host universities will require students/travelers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccination gives travelers the best chance for full participation in an overseas program. Students should review their program information carefully as information related to vaccine requirements may change.

Unvaccinated travelers are at a much higher risk of getting COVID-19 and requiring emergency care than travelers who have been vaccinated. It is necessary for everyone to do their part to minimize the potential negative impact on the host community. Students should be fully vaccinated at least 3 weeks prior to departure. 

In addition to the individual health benefits, full vaccination may have additional benefits such as:

  • Less time in quarantine or no need to quarantine upon arrival to the host country or if you contract COVID-19 while abroad.
  • Vaccinated persons may have greater access to restaurants, museums and other venues within the host country
  • Vaccinated travelers are doing their part to help protect people in the host country who are supporting the study abroad students.

Unvaccinated Travelers should be advised of the following:

Unvaccinated travelers will be more vulnerable to getting and spreading COVID-19. If you get COVID-19 while you are abroad, you will be expected to self-isolate, typically for 5-10 days, limiting your participation in your program. Additionally, unvaccinated travelers are more vulnerable and may be at much higher risk of severe symptoms.

If you are unvaccinated, and the airline or host government impose a mandate prior to your travel, it may jeopardize your chance of entering the host country.

Digital Vaccination Card

Students should make a digital and second physical copy of their vaccination card.

Border agents may require persons entering a country to show proof of vaccination in lieu of other COVID-related entry requirements; consult your host country entry requirements for information specific to your destination.

Additional Resources

GoGetVax: A free resource for creating a digital, secure "vaccine passport" on your phone 

Healthvana:  A method of adding your vaccination card to your Apple Wallet

- CommonPass: Digital documentation of your health and vaccination status for international travel

Places where the COVID-19 vaccine is offered in Michigan:

  • Spectrum Health 
  • Mercy Health 
  • Walgreens 
  • Meijer 
  • Family Fare 
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Other hospitals and medical centers 

Page last modified July 28, 2022