Cost Breakdown for University of the Sunshine Coast

This is the estimated budget for this study abroad program. It serves as an estimated cost of attendance for your semester or year. Students often pay for study abroad through a combination of financial aid, personal funds, scholarships, grants, and alternative loans. The total amount listed as the Total Program Cost is the maximum amount of financial aid that can be awarded to you by GVSU. This total program cost does not reflect the amount of aid you will qualify for, rather, it serves as the cap on what can be awarded.

Cost Billed to GVSU (based on 19 weeks abroad)




Program Fee


*Fee subject to adjustments based on actual exchange rates and USC tuition rates.

Paid to Grand Valley State University Student Accounts by the regular tuition payment deadline. Program fee includes the cost for the required OSHC insurance.

GVSU Tuition (12-15 credits)


*Tuition based on 2021-2022 upper-level instate tuition rates (12-15 credits). Out-of-state students will pay the out-of-state tuition rate.

Paid to Grand Valley State University Student Accounts by the regular tuition payment deadline.

IS 380 Course Fee


Paid to GVSU. The IS 380 course fee is $28 per credit hour. Participants of this program will register for 12 credits of IS 380.

Chubb Insurance


GVSU requires all study abroad students to purchase the Chubb International Insurance. Details on the policy can be found on the PIC website. The cost is $1.46 per day. This cost estimate is based on 19 weeks abroad.

Additional Costs




Passport & Visa


Passport fees: $145.

Visa Fee is currently $620 AUD or approx. $450 USD. Fees subject to change.


$1,800 -$2,400

Paid to Airline Provider. Airport transfers are typically available through your housing provider and cost about $50 AUD.

Health insurance


OSHC insurance is required for all students who study in Australia. Students are billed this as part of the program fee, unless they are selected to participate as an "exchange student". Most students attend this program as a study abroad fee-paying participant. If you are selected to be the "exchange student" you will be required to pay the OSHC insurance fee.

Housing in off-campus apartments

$4,400 - $4,800

On-site Expense. Paid to housing provider. Rent is typically about $210 AUD per week. Contracts are often for 22 weeks. Other fees include: deposit of 2 months rent (approx. $400), Bond (approx. $800-1000), internet $50/month.

Books and Supplies


On-site personal expenses.



On-site personal expenses - Based on $100 USD per week. Food costs will vary based on a student's personal spending habits and preferences.

Personal Expenses


On-site personal expenses associated with local travel, cell phone purchase, and basic necessities. Based on $100 per week.


(Costs billed by GVSU + Additional Costs)

$19,673 - $20,973 *  (average $20,323 per semester)            

$23,183  (Estimated cost for out-of-state students who do not receive a tuition differential scholarship.)

* These are general cost estimates and are subject to change. The pandemic is impacting the cost of living in places all around the world. We will update this information when new information becomes available. 


*Out-of-state students who receive a GVSU tuition differential scholarship will be able to use that scholarship towards the cost of this program. Exception: International students will not have access to the tuition differential scholarship for use towards the cost of this program, however, they may still be eligible for a Study Abroad Grant and/or the exchange student scholarship.

Study Abroad Grant ($500-$1,500) may be available for students who meet the eligibility requirements. Conditions apply.


Each year, one student will be awarded an “Exchange Student Scholarship” for participation in this program. The scholarship will be the equivalent to the designated program fee (currently $1,200-$1,500). The scholarship award will be based upon the strength of the study abroad application and financial need. Online study abroad applications received by the priority application deadline will automatically be considered. The student selected to receive the USC scholarship will be responsible for paying the OSHC insurance of approx. $300. Additional instructions will be provided to the exchange designee.

Estimated costs are based on a rate of exchange of 1 AUD = .71 USD.

Exchange rates fluctuate and may impact the estimates listed above. The rate listed here is the rate as of August 2021.

Page last modified June 23, 2022