China Visa Guidelines

The Padnos International Center (PIC) provides the general information below as a service to GVSU students. We strive to maintain accurate information regarding visa procedures, however, changes to policies and procedures may occur frequently without our knowledge. Students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa for their program and must consult the consulate for the most up to date information on application procedures.

Please look over the visa information carefully and do not delay, as visa procedures are time sensitive.


Do I need a visa?

All students participating in study abroad programs in China must apply for a visa

Processing Time and Visa Appointment

Approximately 4 business days excluding transit time if submitting by mail. Students can either apply in person at the consulate in Chicago OR use a visa agent. Details on visa agents can be found below in the "Additional Information" section.

Visa applications cannot be submitted more than 90 days BEFORE you intend to travel. If you apply earlier, you will be required to enter China earlier than you intended.

Application Instructions

Chinese Consulate in Chicago

Visa Information

Estimated Cost

Visa fee of $140 (visit this page for updated fee information)

Nearest Consulate or Embassy

Consulate General

100 West Erie Street

Chicago, IL 60654 USA

Passport & Visa Office

1 East Erie Street, Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60611 USA

Contact Information

Consulate Phone: 312-803-0095
Passport and Visa Office Phone: 312-453-0210

Additional Information

Students can either apply in person for the visa at the Chinese Consulate OR use a visa agent. Agents will charge separate fees for assisting in processing your application. There are several options available for visa agents that you can find through an internet search. We have listed below a selection of providers that students or staff from GVSU have used in the past:

Travel Document Systems


Visa Central

Perry Visa