6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Written by Isabella Gielniak
Posted on January 28, 2022

Michigan winters can famously be long, cold, and dark. We can sometimes feel isolated and down, and end up getting stuck in a bad mood for a period of time. When the days are short and the pandemic rolls on, feeling blue is common. Here are five ways to beat the seasonal blues.

1. Make Your Bed Everyday

Simple, but effective! Making your bed is an easy habit to start your day off right. It only takes five minutes and will put you in a productive mood for the rest of your day. As a bonus, making your bed every day will make your room look tidy if you have guests over. Making your bed can make your day!

Student on dorm bed

2. Take a walk around campus

Grand Valley is beautiful in the winter! As snow falls and tops trees, buildings, and bridges, campus becomes a charming winter wonderland.  Bundle up and get some fresh air during the chilly months.

Student walking on campus

3. Hang Out With Friends

One of the easiest ways to tackle isolation in these cold months is to hang out with friends. Grab your friends and participate in an on-campus event (like the upcoming Winterfest!), visit downtown Grand Rapids, or just watch a movie together. Friends can uplift your mood and be a great support system when you need help.

Students in front of Little Mac Bridge

4. Avoid skipping class

At this time of the year, it’s easy to fall into bad habits. Create or continue good habits by going to class on time. Purposely skipping class can lead to more absences, which will hurt you academically and even mentally. However, remember to stay home if you are sick.

Students in class

5. Exercise

Want to “work out” the winter blues? Visit the Rec Center and get active. Taking a walk on a treadmill or hopping on a stationary bike can do wonders for your mental health by helping you feel accomplished, even on days when it is difficult to get out of bed.

Louie the Laker at the Recreation Center

5. Reach out for help

No one deserves to go through the seasonal blues alone. If you want to talk things through, reach out to a trusted friend, roommate, parent, or schedule an appointment with the University Counseling Center. The UCC will help you tackle the long winter season and provide you with whatever service you need: one-on-one counseling, group counseling, self-help tools, and more.

Flower sculpture on campus

While you can’t change the season, you can change your actions and mindset to make winter easier and more fun. Get out there and try new things, whether that be self care, exercise, or Winterfest, and avoid feeling blue!

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