Dean of Students 2022-23 Annual Report

Dean of Students

July 2022 - June 2023

The Dean of Students Office empowers learners and provides a culture of equity, self-advocacy, and care through programs, resources, and support. The Dean of Students Office offers services such as CARE, support for expressive activity, support for first-year student transitions and success through New Student Orientation sessions, the Laker Welcome program, and parent/supporter engagement. We strive for our programs and services to help every learner develop meaningful connections, respect, self-advocacy, and diversity of thought. 

Parents and supporters participated in orientation

Student Outreach

80 students attended 4 "Dinner with the Dean" sessions

~50 students at donuts with the Dean

240 students had their pictures taken on the first day of school

~100 students participated in DSO-Led campus tours

2,193 Student Care Referrals
Between July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

56% off campus residents, 43% off-campus residents

Referred by: Staff(1,118), Faculty(797), Students(112), GVPD(109), Anonymous(32), Community Member(25)

Top Concerns:

#1 Mental Health 27%

#2 Medical 11.5%

#3 Personal Wellbeing/Safety 11%

#4 Family Emergency/Death 9%

 #5 Financial Insecurity 6.5%


Dean of Students Emergency Fund
$1,572+ of emergency funds given out to 13 individual students to meet immediate financial needs

Dean of Students Office |
Provides advocacy and support for students and families/supporters. Faculty, staff, and community members may use the CARE referral process for students of concern. Coordinates new student and parent/supporter programs and communication.

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