GVAdvance is a website developed in-house at Grand Valley State University. This website contains specific tools for reporting, including GVPlan, GVAssess, GVStability, and GVReview

The GVAdvance system is accessible by all faculty and staff at GVSU. However, access permissions are required to edit or add information to the system. Please contact Phuong Vo ([email protected]) if you need editing access and/or to update your permissions within GVAdvance.

GVPlan: Contains the mission, vision, and associated strategic planning efforts for all divisions, colleges, and units. Key components of the strategic plans and overview of progress reports are viewable publicly on the Strategic Plan Search website. 

Users with questions about navigating GVPlan can also refer to the GVPlan Quick Guide and/or the Frequently Asked Questions

GVPlan Screenshot
GVAssess interface

GVAssess: Contains student learning outcomes assessment for every undergraduate and graduate major and certificate and student-centered outcomes for co-curricular units, including relevant University Assessment Committee feedback. Student outcomes for all programs are viewable publicly on the Student Outcomes Search website.

GVStability: Contains enrollment and budget metrics for academic units. The Faculty Salary and Budget Committee (FSBC) uses GVStability to collect and analyze submitted unit stability reports. These reports contain needed metrics that are useful in determining unit health.

GVStability Screenshot
GVReview Screenshot

GVReview: Contains academic and co-curricular units' self-study reports that include analysis of student outcomes, updates on strategic plans, and analysis of units' resources.

Page last modified December 20, 2023