Faculty Qualifications Assurances

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires every institution to have a rigorous process to ensure that we have highly qualified faculty teaching students. This Faculty Qualifications Assurances (FQA) process applies to all instructors whether they are full-time, part-time adjunct, dual credit, direct credit, temporary, non-tenure track, graduate teaching assistants, or other instructors. Any instructor teaching for GVSU should be approved through the FQA process prior to being assigned to any credit bearing courses.

We have created an FQA Quick Guide and list of commonly discussed topics and examples for additional guidance. 

Further information regarding the HLC guidelines and for determining faculty qualifications can be found on the Office of the Provost website.


As of Spring/Summer 2023, GVSU's Faculty Qualifications Assurance process shifted to a fully online system to allow units to more easily track and streamline their document submission and review process.  

A system user guide for the online system has been developed for reference.

For access to or questions about the system, contact Phuong Vo.

FQA system

Page last modified July 8, 2024