Strategic Planning, Assessment, & Accreditation are HAPPENING at Grand Valley State University

An integral part of GVSU's commitment to creating and sustaining a quality educational environment involves integration of Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Accreditation efforts. All three components work together to make certain the University is not only maintaining the educational integrity the public has come to expect of our program offerings, but consistently improving as well. Strategic planning processes are inclusive and ongoing, involve all constituents of the University, and provide the framework and road map for how we develop and structure our curricular, co-curricular and operational functions. Assessment and evaluation of achievement of our planned objectives ensure both learning and operational outcomes meet or exceed target levels. The University as a whole and all of its many components are focused on maintaining the highest levels of accreditation for which they are eligible, as well as on promoting effective teaching and learning across all disciplines, schools, departments and programs.

In collaboration with faculty and student governance committees and the University's administration, a comprehensive institutional assessment program spanning all campuses/locations is carried out, including evaluation of learning outcomes, the student-faculty learning experience, and program/department effectiveness. A primary objective is improvement, informed by data acquired from far-ranging and in-depth assessment activities that span all campuses/locations, teaching-learning interactions, and operations.

Pursuit and maintenance of accreditation ensures that curricular and co-curricular programming and services provided by GVSU meets or exceeds the levels of quality prescribed by national and regional accrediting bodies. We are committed to ensuring new accreditations are secured and existing accreditations are maintained on a timely, efficient basis, including monitoring institutional compliance with accreditation requirements on an ongoing basis.

The manifestation of this integrated process of planning, assessment and accreditation is achievement and demonstration of program/department excellence, as evidenced by ongoing improvement activities. Transparency of the pursuit of these ideals is illustrated by regular reporting to a range of internal and external constituents, including students, faculty, parents, employers, legislators, the University's Board of Trustees and national accrediting bodies about the processes and outcomes of the educational enterprise. Strategic planning, assessment and accreditation are central tenets of GVSU’s culture and operations, and will continue to guide and inform us moving forward.

MISSION: At Grand Valley State University, we empower learners in their pursuits, professions, and purpose. The university enriches society through excellent teaching, active scholarship, advancement of equity, and public service.


Page last modified November 9, 2023