Best Practices

Social media is a general term used to reference websites and applications that enable users to create and share content, and virtually connect with others users. The list of popular social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok, grows every day. 

As an institution, Grand Valley recognizes the value of social media and supports its use. The university encourages students, faculty and staff to embrace social media as an engaging and impactful communication tool. Social media has a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations, and because social media can blur the line between personal voice and institutional voice,

Grand Valley has crafted guidelines to help clarify how best to enhance and protect said reputations when participating in social media. This policy is a code of conduct that provides guidelines for faculty and staff members who post content online as part of their job or personal brand.

Grand Valley's University Communications maintains official pages on various social media platforms and a directory of affiliated pages

Application and Enforcement
The purpose of these guidelines is to have a set of standards for social media pages and blogs related to Grand Valley that can be applied equitably across all areas of the university and can assist department leaders, communications professionals, Web managers, and others in planning future Web use.

The standards are designed to protect the reputation of Grand Valley and the safety of alumni, students, prospective students, faculty, staff and others. If absolutely necessary, the university, through various offices, reserves the right to remove content that does not comply.

Individuals covered by these guidelines are those who are authorized to speak on behalf of Grand Valley schools, colleges, departments and units through social media platforms.

Page last modified October 30, 2023